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BlobPus Guiro Blobpi   Leave a comment

The Blobpi is the smallest version of the main Blob design, and is adorably fun.

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Sunguts Guiro Queen Yulisis   Leave a comment

Sunguts is a JP vinyl maker known for his awesome line of cutesy kaiju minis, but he has done some larger work as well.  Queen Yulisis exists as a cute mini, but was also translated into an awesome, gigantic standard sized sculpt.  I painted this Queen in colors reminiscent of the old Bullmark Guiro Seijin, which features my favorite vintage paint job.

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Ceekoar Alien Argus for Max Toy 5th Anniversary Argus Custom Show   Leave a comment

Toy Art Gallery is going to be hosting a custom group show for the US debut of Max toy Co’s  newest figure Alien Argus opening on February 26th.  Mark sent me this awesome minty green blank to paint for the show that was so cool I almost didn’t want to paint it!

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Rolok Bakobakobako   Leave a comment

Another Gargamel mini painted with Rolok Monster Kolor.  This guy went off to the Super 7 One-Offs show!

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Gargamel Mini Mightin- Rolok Kolors   1 comment

Gargamel mini based on a bootleg kaiju sculpt.  Painted featuring Monster Kolor ‘Rolok’ colors as a test piece, which dry flat and have some more ‘stuff’ in them, so they don’t need sealer.  The claws and details were painted with other MK colors and glossed, and the shiny and matte effect looks really neat on this guy.

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Gargamel Mini Hedorah Crawling Slick   1 comment

This mini sculpt is based on the very rare vintage bootleg fullsize sculpt of one of the Somg Monster forms.  I love the proportions and the stance, and the figure has some great texture.

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Neo Eyezon Mark Nagata X Prometheum5 Collab!   1 comment

Hi all,

Mark posted a photo, on the Max Toy Co site so I guess I can now, too.  Over the summer, Mark asked me if I was interested in doing a run of Neo Eyezons, to which I could not have said ‘yes’ more excitedly!  More details are forthcoming, but I painted my figures a couple weeks back and shipped them to Mark.  They will be sold as a two-pack with a Neo Eyezon by Mark, and that’s all I can say for now.  Here’s a couple photos of the beasts, though.  This project got to act as sort of the debut for Monster Kolor’s Hawaii Kolor set, which comes with trial-size bottles of great colors and a toy for $40, and is the perfect kit for anyone who’s been thinking about trying to paint toys, or airbrush in general!  I based the colors for my Neo Eyezons on the Bullmark Hawaii King Ghidorah, since I love green!  😀  Here’s a couple shots before they shipped off to Mark.

While I was painting these guys, I also whipped up this little guy using the colors for myself, since all the Eyezons went off in a box to Mark:


Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran!   Leave a comment

Max Toy Co unveiled its new line of mini vinyl sculpts a few months back, and the first release was of unpainted pink vinyl.  Each of the Max Toy Co characters was sculpted in around 3″ scale by different Japanese artists that Mark has worked with, lending each figure a unique flare and style, while still forming a cohesive and really cool line.

I painted this Drazoran to match (sort of) my pet in World of Warcraft, because I named my Devilsaur pet ‘Drazoran’, and I am a dork.  Sharp-eyed observers will notice the colors are similar to my Blobpus painting contest blob… these colors are a favorite of mine, and will likely be popping up more often 😉  I made sure to use the bright pink vinyl in crevices and joint areas to represent softer flexible flesh in between the thick hide, like a real reptile (or dinosaur!)  The figure was painted using Monster Kolor, and because it’s a mini, I got to really work on my tight airbrushing skills using only the Super Fine tip I have.  I may end up having to grab some more minis to paint, because they are a great size to paint in an afternoon and try new things on, and are pretty easy to find.

Max Toy Co Neo Eyezons   Leave a comment

I finally got around to  taking a family shot of my Neo Eyezon collection so far.  I have every regular release except one (a magazine exclusive in Japan that I am trying to track down), as well as the Max Toy Club Halloween figure and two show-exclusive Mark Nagata handpaints.  I cannot wait to see what new Neo Eyezons show up this year!

Max Toy Co Red Pontiac Eyezon Revised   Leave a comment

The Red clear Eyezon I was working on needed a little revision, and here is the final result.  The new brighter eyes really pop alongside the shiny colors, and the blacked out back eyes add some interesting contrast.