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Warhammer Gorechosen: Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-hammer Miniature   Leave a comment


I recently got an email from Games Workshop announcing that they were revamping the iconic gaming and hobby magazine White Dwarf, bringing it back to something closer to its glory days.  I have’t read WD in years or followed GW stuff very closely, but the debut issue of the new mag came with a free figure, so I picked one up.  The new magazine seems promising so far, and has me paying attention to Games Workshop’s offerings once again.  The bonus figure was the Slaughterpriest with HACKBLADE and WRATH-HAMMER, a ridiculous sounding fellow that will be usuable in the upcoming boardgame, Gorechosen.  The Slaughterpriest is a pit-fighter that has dedicated himself to the Chaos god Khorne, embodiment of violence and blood stuff.  I haven’t painted a gaming miniature of this size in years, but I just got some new Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes in the mail and thought they could use some breaking in.  This guy is a fully plastic figure, but the parts breakdown and level of detail feel closer to a metal or resin figure.  The whole thing is really quite impressive, and I guess this is how GW is doing all of their character figures now, since metal is too expensive and their Finecast resin material was terrible.  In addition to being the first 28 mm mini I’ve painted in ages, I tried a few new techniques here, including painting a darker skin tone, which I’m pretty happy with the results of.  The big photos bring out every flaw and misstep in my brushwork, but I’m satisfied with how this guy came out and looking forward to bringing him to the table when Gorechosen comes out!


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Warhammer 40k Finecast Chaplain Blood Angels   Leave a comment

Finecast is the newest ‘big thing’ from Games Workshop.  In essence, they are replacing their metal minis with a custom mix resin.  The new material holds very sharp detail, is springy for durability, and cleans up really easily.  Advantages aside, it is actually more expensive than the metal figures, which is absurd.

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Forge World 40k Vulcan Mecharius   Leave a comment

Forge World is the limited model garage-company branch of Games Workshop, and makes high-quality resin models for the mode dedicated modelers among the GW masses.  The Vulcan Mecahrius is a super-heavy tank used for breakthroughs and heavy support.  I was really inspired by ImpterialArmor:Masterclass, a modeling book released by the Forge World artists, and tried out a few things I picked up from that tome, including more oil work, and more layering. I’m really happy with the results, and think it’s my best armor model so far, and am interested to see what people think… this is around the standard I want my SM tanks to look at the end if the day, and I’ve got a detailed Rhino awaiting exterior paint, so we’ll see how these ideas hold up.
I converted the commander to have one hand on the stubber and the other pointing, as I’ve got a DK flamer team to go with this model, and I may end up doing a diorama base for the two models.
I also got some good use out of my GW spray gun early on… the base color green is custom mixed, and was sprayed to save alot of time and preserve the surface detail. What might surprise some is that the camo color was sprayed on as well… obviously you can’t do very fine squiggly camos with the SG, but for a nice broad banded camo, it worked to great effect. From there I some detail work and started the weathering, including acrylic work for shipping, oils for surface discoloration, dirt, grime, rust, oil, and fuel staining, and pigments and acrylics for the mud and dirt and the tracks.

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Blood Angels Terminator Chaplain   Leave a comment

This is really one of GW‘s best models ever… he’s big, mean, imposing, and incredibly detailed. Alot of fun to paint… This guy is my warm-up figure after being out of mini painting for a year or two in lieu of historical and sci-fi models. I used Andrea Color’s black paint set for the armor, with a mix of Valeijo colors and mediums, and GW and P3 paints. He’s got alot more blending than I’m used to, and it shows in the closeup photos and harsh lighting, but this is all I’ve got here at college. The weathering was done with MIG Production dry pigments on the base and model.

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Blood Angels Assault Marine Squad   Leave a comment

This is a squad of Blood Angels Assault Marines I finished not too long ago for my Warhammer 40k army.  For those of you that might not know much about Warhammer 40k, Space Marines are genetically engineered super soldiers, and the Blood Angels are some of the fiercest fighters among them.  I try to aim for a more realistic battle-hardened look to my minis, and these guys were the first group to receive some new ideas I’d gotten from my work on larger scale models.  These are plastic models, except for the Sergeant, who is metal, and all of them have some GreenStuff putty details added, mostly from press-molds of details I made from other models.

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