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M1GO Jet Jaguar: Power Up! (Monster Kolor)   2 comments

Been home from school for a little bit now, and just finally this week got to unpack my modeling stuff.  In the mean-time, a great package arrived, and had me itching to get to work: Monster Kolor! I got a 1oz. Starter Set, and was immediately impressed.  I had been reading some recent comics, and was inspired by some glowing energy on characters that inspired me to try some serious fades and glowing effects with the new paint, and they performed well beyond my expectations.  I started with the red-yellow hot-looking fade, and then blocked in all of the ‘armor’ looking bits in black, to make it look like Jet Jaguar was red-hot with energy, sealed inside a containment suit.  I highlighted the black with a little blue, and picked out some parts in bright silver, since I wanted to try every paint in the set.  I then worked on the green, first just a glowing effect from the hands and eyes.   From there I tried out the Purple Pearl paint I got, which shows up the most on the darker areas.  I was expecting it to tint the bright silver purple, but this was a learning experience.

The green contrasted, but wasn’t doing enough for me, so I was trying to decide how to finish the figure.  When I was spraying the Monster Kolor, I realized just how thin and fine it sprayed compared to the much thicker acrylics.  I was finally able to use my Super-Fine tip and needle, and added in all of the cackling energy lightening effect… JJ is souped up and ready for battle, oozing raw energy and looking for a monster to vent on!

You’ll notice a couple weird spots in the gloss coat, which I think are from dust settling on it.  I think I need to get some kind of cover for the figures while they dry, since the special MK Gloss Clear takes 24 hours to fully cure.

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M1GO Oozing Hedorah GFW   1 comment

Hedorah the Smog Monster is one of the most iconic of the Godzilla enemy kaiju, even if Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster is one of the most divisive of the Godzilla films.  With his many forms, Hedorah brings destruction to Japan as revenge for their polluting ways.  This particular sculpt is by M1GO, representing the most recent Godzilla: Final Wars version of Hedorah, in lovely brown chocolate-ey vinyl from the latest Lucky Bag.  The color was so fantastic and made Hedorah look like a giant sewage monster, so I wanted to keep most of the base vinyl color and run with the sewage palette.  The green ooze is shiny on a matte figure, with wet looking dark brown in he crevices of Hedorah’s body, giving it a wet and dry ‘made of poop’ look that I think really works for the monster.

M1GO Burning Godzilla (Gojira)   Leave a comment

After working through the big Space Troopers group and finishing them earlier this week, I wanted to spend this weekend unwinding on some pet projects.  I have accumulated a good number of M1 kaiju blanks, and brought a few to school with me that I was furthest along the planning process with.  First up, which I knocked out last night, was this Godzilla.  The base figure is the 09 Lucky Bag (I think Wonderfest) red unpainted 1974 Godzilla sculpt based on Goji’s appearance in Godzilla cs. Mechagodzilla.  The red vinyl was really vibrant and lovely, and I spent alot of time trying to decide what to do with it.  I finally settled on a modified ‘Burning’ scheme, from Godzilla vs Destroyah, the final Hisei-era film, in which Godzilla basically has atomic indigestion/ a heart attack.  The Burning/Meltdown scheme is usually much more dark and start, with Godzilla’s body color in that film being very inky and close to black.  I am a sucker for classic green Godzilla, however, and decided to use the red vinyl blank as the basis for a much more olive lizard green Godzilla undergoing his atomic meltdown.  I also tried using some different metallic paints through my airbrush, Privater Press Paints colors, which I was not sure of the spray-ability of.  They went on very thin, but that worked to my advantage in keeping the vibrant red on the spines while sprucing them up.  The teeth and eyes were added in with a little brush work, and I am really happy with how this monster came out.

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October Shelves/Haul   2 comments

An update on the toys that were waiting for me at the end of this college term… some updated proper shelf shots are in order of my now awesome vinyl collection.  Kaiju have muscled Gokin and Transformers out of the way to take over!  Lots of M1 Lucky Bag blanks, a ton of RealXHead, including the first Gatchigon (Smokey clear with GID vinyl shards and green baby), and two non-vinyl victories, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Megazord and Thunderzord, two of my favorite toys! Also note the Marka Nagata handpainted Captain Maxx, as well as my Toy Karma 2 Mark Nagata Neo Eyezon and Toybot Studios Rockin Kemur Seijin show pieces.  Transformers-wise, I managed to score another grail piece, Micromaster Sonic, partner to Sonic Bomber, the missing piece of my Zone Powered Masters trio!