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Killer Culture Battle Pack for Open Call Resin Show at TAG- Available Now   1 comment

This set was made for an Open Call Judged Resin show at Toy Art Gallery, opening this Friday, June 10.  The set features a prototype-colored ‘X-gal’ E. killer, a weathered, down and dirty Safrinin Microfighter, and a bonus S. muderious magnetic mini macro-culture.

The Microfighter set is now available at TAG.  Just look at my pics of the toys, not there;s.

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E.killer Review Up On CollectionDX   Leave a comment

ColletionDX owner JoshB surprised me with a really honest review of my first E.killer toy over at CollectionDX, and you should check it out!  It’s great to get some really blunt feedback, and I’m incorporating a fix for the biggest complaint into the upcoming E.killer v.2, the base.

Look for some news on new figures soon.  I am going to spend the weekend pouring molds, and should hopefully have something real to show soon!

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Get Ready for SATURDAY   Leave a comment

Just wanted to post a reminder that Sunday was E-day… the first wave of E.killers goes on sale at 8PM EST on SATURDAY the 31st.  Along with the first wave of killers will be some choice vinyl customs from the past couple months for sale.  Make sure to check the Shop for everything that goes up!

EDIT:  the 31st is Saturday, as I said below, now Sunday as I said above.  The release will be Saturday.

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Specimen Escaped!   1 comment

The unbelievable heat here in New York has just about everything at a standstill, so painting the first wave has been pushed back.  Unfortunately, there was an accident in the lab, and the one killer that received a base coat so I could show off the sculpt escaped, leaving a path of destruction behind.  Attached are the last photos of the specimen, taken by the late guard on duty at the time:

This was the first image sent back by the guard of the specimen awakening.  The guard moved in for a close look:

At this point the guard was able to observe the creature examining its surroundings, including improperly disposed waste from a previous experiment.

We believe this next photo shows the creature feeding:

After this, we are not exactly sure what happened, but it appears the creature became aware that it was being watched.  These are the last two photos received.

The creature’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

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Killer Culture Debuts!   1 comment

The big news starts here!  Introducing the Killer Culture line of resin figures!

I have been toiling away this little project for a while now, and am finally ready to pull back the curtain on the first figure.  Now, on to the story:

In 2010, the esteemed Dr. Hayflick was experimenting with macrocellularification, an experimental technique for making normally microscopic specimens large enough to be analyzed using the naked eye.  Using highly unstable ATP-X, Dr. Hayflick was able to grow individual cells that were up to two or three inches in diameter for analysis.  What happened next is still under investigation, but early reports indicate that a mutagen experiment elsewhere in the facility suffered some complications, and an experimental mutagen leaked into the ventilation system at the same time that a major breakthrough in Dr. Hayflick’s work was expected.  The facility was destroyed in the aftermath of what happened next, with Dr. Hayflick still unaccounted for, but the world now faces a deadly new menace, the Killer Cultures!  From the mutagen ATP-X birthing pools beneath the site of the lab, macrocellified pathogens have been launching their attacks on humanity, wreaking havoc wherever they appear!

The first Killer Culture making its debut is the Escherichia killer, one of the front line and most abundant macrocell bacteria observed.  Armed with a crushing tentacle and deadly toxin transport proteins, E.killers exist only to feed and destroy.  No antibiotic tried yet has been able to stop their deadly advance!

As the first figure in the line, E.killer will debut shortly in all his resin glory.   The first wave is almost ready for paint, and more news will be coming.

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