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Vinyl figures conquer the shelves!  Phil Reed’s (from gonna hate this update… he’s currently trying to keep himself from falling off the vinyl cliff, and here I am pushing just about every robot toy I own out of the way for more vinyl!  I’ve got standard-sized Kaiju up the wazoo… I’ve got a separate space for unpainted M1 Kaiju, sort of as holding area for them, and then a Max Toy Co shelf, with more Neo Eyezons on the way, and an ‘everything else’ standard-sized shelf.  On the bottom is the Real X Head shelf… I’ve been having alot of fun seeing all the different colorways out there… especially in the Chaos family.  Of note are the two Mark Nagata handpaints, Toybot Studios Rock and Roll Kemur Seijin, the SDCC Goto-san painted Drazoran, M1 Lucky Bag Red Ultraman, and the awesome Superfest Kikaida paint-scheme Chaos Adult.

Edit: threw a fight pic on the end.

October Shelves/Haul   2 comments

An update on the toys that were waiting for me at the end of this college term… some updated proper shelf shots are in order of my now awesome vinyl collection.  Kaiju have muscled Gokin and Transformers out of the way to take over!  Lots of M1 Lucky Bag blanks, a ton of RealXHead, including the first Gatchigon (Smokey clear with GID vinyl shards and green baby), and two non-vinyl victories, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Megazord and Thunderzord, two of my favorite toys! Also note the Marka Nagata handpainted Captain Maxx, as well as my Toy Karma 2 Mark Nagata Neo Eyezon and Toybot Studios Rockin Kemur Seijin show pieces.  Transformers-wise, I managed to score another grail piece, Micromaster Sonic, partner to Sonic Bomber, the missing piece of my Zone Powered Masters trio!

Zollmen White Pearl Blank Zudon and Workstation   1 comment

Last month a quick sale went up for some white and black pearl Zudons from Zollmen, another low-production run Japanese vinyl Kaiju manufacturer.  I managed to get a white one from someone who had to sell theirs before they got it.  The white pearl vinyl is gorgeous in person, but unpainted the figure is a little dull.   I did not want to overwhelm the pearl vinyl, which was the hook of the release.  The eye is a separate vinyl sphere inset in the socket so it actually moves, so getting an iris and pupil on was priority number one, done with Tamiya Clear Green to preserve the pearlyness underneath.  I then wanted to highlight the mouth, with its big friendly stupid grin, so I threw a pink mix in there, and then misted some thinned grey-blue over the arms, legs, and head to hit some of the details in the awesome crinkly sculpt.  Also visible is my little itty bitty college apartment workspace… scary.


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Vinyl Toys- Retro Kaiju and Designer Figures   Leave a comment

Got some packages in the mail today… the Lemon Kirby Mad Baron, molded by Zollmen, painted by King Bee, limited to 30 pieces, and my package from Max Toy Co of Captain Maxx figures… flesh blank Captain Maxx (to be painted like Captain Mar-vell’s original Kree soilder costume), Glittery Drazoran Max Toy Club exclusive, and the Dream Rockets Gumos green blank (to be painted and detailed all bug-like) which came packaged with Cap. Maxx as an exclusive Battle Set.  As you can see I wasted no time playing with them!

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