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PNT-001 Nimble Tortoise minifigure 23 late winter   Leave a comment

nimble-tortoise-prhi-10The PNT-001 Nimble Tortoise is a recon variant based on the Light Tortoise chassis.  The jump jet systems have been stripped out, leaving the Light Tortoise a lean and quick ground-based unit.  The Nimble Tortoise serves as a recon unit with advanced communications and sensor suites.  Armed with dual arm-mounted solid slug rail rifles and a shoulder-mounted beam cannon, the Nimble Tortoise can also serve in a light sniper capacity.  This Tortoise was spotted in early spring, still sporting a winterized color scheme that has been heavily stained and weathered by the muddy thaw.

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PST-002 Stalking Toad minifigure GG-3   Leave a comment


The PST-002 Stalking Toad is a heavy ground combat power suit intended for frontline duty.  The Stalking Toad balances armor and mobility, capable of bringing concentrated fire down on enemy armored targets.  The default Toad load out features a heavy laser and rapid fire gattling canon with built in manipulator hand for added versatility in its roll as a ground superiority unit.  Smoke grenade racks on the torso provide extra cover, earning the standard Toad its ‘Stalking’ moniker for its ability to disappear under smoke cover and reappear with a punishing barrage.

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Maschinen Krieger Pkf.85 Falke Antigravity Armored Raider 1/20   2 comments

Maschinen Krieger is a sci-fi universe created by Japanese modeler Kow Yokoyama.  What started out as a bunch of groundbreaking kitbashed and scratchbuilt models because a modeling phenomenon that eventually turned into official resin and then injection plastic kits.  The Falke Antigravity Armored Raider is a speedy attack vehicle that combines sleek curves with mechanical detail goodness.  I was sent this Hasegawa plastic kit along with the matching set of figures and commissioned to make a maintenance diorama.  The base is scratchbuilt by me.

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