Ceekoar Alien Argus for Max Toy 5th Anniversary Argus Custom Show   Leave a comment

Toy Art Gallery is going to be hosting a custom group show for the US debut of Max toy Co’s  newest figure Alien Argus opening on February 26th.  Mark sent me this awesome minty green blank to paint for the show that was so cool I almost didn’t want to paint it!

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying some new color combinations lately with my Glyos work, so I bled my ‘Ceekoar’ colors over onto this guy with some modifications.

I added some vein-ey energy lines because I’ve been having a blast with my new Iwata Revolution.

Argus sculpt apparently has both eye-stalk and mouth-stalk options and the blanks came with full sets of both, so I decided to use one of the mouths for some variety.

Argus still has lots of eyes!

I glossed up all the blue parts and the back, and gave the green vinyl color body a gold pearl coat and then a matte finish for an interesting, more subtle pearl effect.

The back spines are all bright C-thru Kolors over silver.

Big, bright, and shiny details!

The Argus sculpt can really move!


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