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PRS ‘Clover’ Style Gundam at Winter Wonderfest   Leave a comment

When I posted the finished shots of my Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam painted with Monster Kolor, Matt Walker aka Dead Pre$idents asked me if he could display it at the booth he was sharing with Max Toy Co at Winter Wonder Festival in Japan.  Monster Kolor paint has been a huge success for Matt, and he is always looking for demonstrations of its use in new and creative ways.  My MK on plastic Gundam model fit the bill, and was shipped off to Japan for display at the show.  These pics of the booth come courtesy of Kaiju Korner Andy, who has been providing the best English-language coverage of Japanese shows and festivals out there for a couple of years now.  Go check out the rest of his extensive WonderFest coverage here.  He took a gazillion photos, and there’s more still to be posted.

Here’s a shot of the whole Max Toy Co and Friends booth!  My Gundam was in good company.  I think it’s giving Max Toy Co’s new micro Kaiju Negora sculpt a bit of a shakedown!

Prometheum5 x Max Toy Co Neo Hawaii Eyezon (Sold Out)   Leave a comment

Good news!

The Neo Eyezon Hawaii two-pack I painted with Mark Nagata using the Monster Kolor Hawaii set just went up for sale to the Max Toy Co Club members.  I am really excited to see this project completed, and had a great time with it. Working with someone I respect and look up to was a blast, and I think both figures in the set came out really fantastic, and complement each other very well!

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Max Toy Co Neo Eyezons   Leave a comment

I finally got around to  taking a family shot of my Neo Eyezon collection so far.  I have every regular release except one (a magazine exclusive in Japan that I am trying to track down), as well as the Max Toy Club Halloween figure and two show-exclusive Mark Nagata handpaints.  I cannot wait to see what new Neo Eyezons show up this year!

Max Toy Co Red Pontiac Eyezon Revised   Leave a comment

The Red clear Eyezon I was working on needed a little revision, and here is the final result.  The new brighter eyes really pop alongside the shiny colors, and the blacked out back eyes add some interesting contrast.

Max Toy Co ‘Red Pontiac’ Clear Kaiju Eyezon   Leave a comment

I finished this latest Kaiju Eyezon over the weekend and snapped some nice bright pictures today.  The goal for this figure was to change it up from the earthy potato palette of the first two Eyezons, and go with some much brighter colors, and a much greater emphasis on the clear and the visible guts.  I’m really happy with how this one came out… the colors have a great deal more subtlety than my other figures, with many layers, while still retaining a surprising amount of clarity.  The silhouette of the guts can be made out with the figure in your hands, and up against the light, this figure goes up like a Christmas tree.  I cleaned off a few critical spots of paint so that the guts could really be seen in-hand.

Max Toy Co Clear Eyezon With Guts 2 WIP   Leave a comment

Working on another clear Eyezon with guts… this time, the colors are going to be much more wild, starting with the guts.  There is going to be a much greater focus on the guts this time, so the paint work is more extravagant, and I tried something new on the clear body.  I sprayed the body with multiple coats of Future, inside and out, before I put any paint on it, so it should be much more clear than the first clear Eyezon I did.  I will update with some pics of the guts installed once I do it.

November Toy Haul   1 comment

Snapped some pics of my November haul, and was messing around with the figures that came back to school with me after Thanksgiving.

Elegab Puppet Seijin, Designer Con Evil Bat, GID unpainted Chaos Beast, Unpainted black proto Steven the Bat, Ikarawa Bullmark Legends Gabora, Real x Head mini GID Gatchigon, and “Halloween” Neo Eyezon painted by Mark Nagata on GID vinyl.  Also, a pic of my new M1GO pink unpainted Greenmons keeping me company while I slog through a Bio Lab report.

Clear Kaiju Eyezon   Leave a comment

I finished up this second Kaiju Eyezon before break, but only finally took good finished photos of it this morning.  I painted this clear figure with translucent colors in a similar paint scheme as my ‘Sprouting’ GID one for a customer and painted the guts to match the plant theme.  The ‘bones’ are all green in order to look like stalks holding Eyezon together, and the guts are colorful so they contrast with the earth tones of the body.  I made the irises much smaller this time so the big clear eyeballs could serve as view-ports into the guts.  With some light behind it this guy really shines, and all of the guts are silhouetted.  I sprayed a bunch of coats of Future to give the figure a really shiny finish and get the colors as translucent as possible.

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Collection Update   Leave a comment

Vinyl figures conquer the shelves!  Phil Reed’s (from gonna hate this update… he’s currently trying to keep himself from falling off the vinyl cliff, and here I am pushing just about every robot toy I own out of the way for more vinyl!  I’ve got standard-sized Kaiju up the wazoo… I’ve got a separate space for unpainted M1 Kaiju, sort of as holding area for them, and then a Max Toy Co shelf, with more Neo Eyezons on the way, and an ‘everything else’ standard-sized shelf.  On the bottom is the Real X Head shelf… I’ve been having alot of fun seeing all the different colorways out there… especially in the Chaos family.  Of note are the two Mark Nagata handpaints, Toybot Studios Rock and Roll Kemur Seijin, the SDCC Goto-san painted Drazoran, M1 Lucky Bag Red Ultraman, and the awesome Superfest Kikaida paint-scheme Chaos Adult.

Edit: threw a fight pic on the end.