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The Blobpi is the smallest version of the main Blob design, and is adorably fun.

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BlobPus is a designer vinyl company that I do not know much about, but they have some really neat designs with lots of tentacles and a ‘softer’ sculpting style than most figures.  They are quite well established, to the point of hosting a painting contest.  Normally an event like this would end up in Japan only, but contest blanks were sold through the retailed lulubelltoys, so naturally I had to grab one and give it a whirl.

I based my blob’s paint scheme on the color scheme I use for my HORDES Legion of Everblight dragonspawn figures, a scheme I have not painted in a while and was itching to try with the airbrush and new paints.  I used multiple shades of purple for the undertones, and highlighted the highest points with everything up to pure white.  Anything tentacle sucker-ey was colored pink and given some red ink details.  The base blank figure was clear, so I wanted to try and use some of that in my paint job.  The eyes are sewn shut, but I painted the inside of the eyes with clear yellow and green, and allowed some of to show through like a glow of power leaking through.  I also decided the skull on the one tentacle would be a magic blast of some sort, rather than just a gross tentacle holding a skull.

The one part I had a tough time on was the mouth area… I wanted it to be bloody at first, but figured it would get lost among the red tentacle details, so I tried to give it a green glowing effect after the fact.  Really I should have done like the eyes and painted the colors from the inside and just gone light on the white and purple, but it is too late now.

Edit:  I just (9/25) received word that my figure was one of five chosen for the show!  I think that 5 is just chosen from the non-Japan people who contributed, and it is an honor and thrill to be chosen!

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