Gargamel Mini Mightin- Rolok Kolors   1 comment

Gargamel mini based on a bootleg kaiju sculpt.  Painted featuring Monster Kolor ‘Rolok’ colors as a test piece, which dry flat and have some more ‘stuff’ in them, so they don’t need sealer.  The claws and details were painted with other MK colors and glossed, and the shiny and matte effect looks really neat on this guy.

The Rolok colors feel pretty good.  The last time I was at the Dead Pre$idents shop, Matt refilled my basic colors with the new formula to test out, which is why the colors on this guy are so garish.  The new paints feel pretty good, though.  In order to ensure good adhesion, you have to really clean the surface good with alcohol right before you paint, and I cured them on with a little hair-dryering, but once dry they feel good.  I will definitely be trying some more figures like this… I think the flat colors give a good vintage feel.

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