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Real X Head x Onell Chaos Trooper Frankenruge   Leave a comment



The new Chaos Trooper sculpt from Real X Head blends design elements from the vinyl Adult Chaosman with Onell’s Glyos sculpts, in particular from the Chaos Invasion Custom Corps wave.  The debut release of the new Trooper was on flesh vinyl, and I managed to pick up two so that I could get a Frankenruge version painted up to match my Glyos Frankenruge Trooper.




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Real X Head Zombie Akro-kaiser   Leave a comment

This bad boy is one of my contributions to the July Monster Invitational Show at FOE.  He’s dark and scary, and I went super technical on this one.  Everything is Monster Kolor except the shiny blood drip detail work.

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Toys!   Leave a comment

Just a couple new toy shots… Charactics’ excellent Walder mini, complete with fully painted guts, brain, and removable head.  All in Microman size!

RxH Chaosman on lovely cream vinyl, part of the Goto-painted free-spray revival!

RxHxSkulltoys Dokuro Mutant

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Real X Head ‘Cray-vil’ Custom   1 comment

I painted this Mutant Evil at the end of school, before the epiphany that was Monster Kolor arrived.  I painted this guy with Cel Vinyl acrylics, and was trying some more loose sprays and color fades, and another ‘real-type’ look using a muted color palette.  The skin is glossy and the denim-colored shorts and wrist-bands are matte, and the two different finishes really add to the effect overall.

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Real X Head: Unpainted Green!   Leave a comment

Just a quick update on something I’ve been collecting.  I love army green vinyl, and there are some really great special Real X Head releases in this color.  The latest one I picked up is the Hone Borg, but it doesn’t actually quite match the green of the others like I thought it did.  Next up will hopefully be a MC-17 Mutant Chaos in this green, and then someday a very rare Mutant Head that I think matches as well.

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Real X Head: CHAOS!   Leave a comment

Updated and much nicer photos of the Chaos Collection…

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RxH Akro-Kaiser with Monster Kolor and Dead Presidents   1 comment

Painted a second figure with Monster Kolor now, and I’m still trying to decide how I feel about it.  I had a rough idea for how I wanted to do this figure, and the main focus was the flaming eye.  I got a little carried away picking out little details with different colors, and I think the head came out a bit too busy, diminishing the contrast of the flaming eye.

Also tried out taking photos in the sun today, instead of fighting with indoor fluorescent lighting, so there’s a couple extra shots of the Jet Jaguar, and the three shiniest figures I own.  The red one is a Dead Presidents painted RxH Adult Fly Guy from a show a few months back.  I have one more DP figure, but he was tucked away on the shelf, and I’ve got another one coming!  I love the unique way Dead Presidents works so many colors and loose sprays into his figures.  I like to focus on painting all the elements of the sculpt, but DP just works on a whole different level to lay down his colors, and it mystifies me while looking real good.

Posted May 17, 2010 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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