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Gargamel Mini Hedorah Crawling Slick   1 comment

This mini sculpt is based on the very rare vintage bootleg fullsize sculpt of one of the Somg Monster forms.  I love the proportions and the stance, and the figure has some great texture.

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M1GO Oozing Hedorah GFW   1 comment

Hedorah the Smog Monster is one of the most iconic of the Godzilla enemy kaiju, even if Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster is one of the most divisive of the Godzilla films.  With his many forms, Hedorah brings destruction to Japan as revenge for their polluting ways.  This particular sculpt is by M1GO, representing the most recent Godzilla: Final Wars version of Hedorah, in lovely brown chocolate-ey vinyl from the latest Lucky Bag.  The color was so fantastic and made Hedorah look like a giant sewage monster, so I wanted to keep most of the base vinyl color and run with the sewage palette.  The green ooze is shiny on a matte figure, with wet looking dark brown in he crevices of Hedorah’s body, giving it a wet and dry ‘made of poop’ look that I think really works for the monster.