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Sunguts Xabungle Walk Machines   Leave a comment

When not making fun, weird kaiju, Sunguts took the time a few years back to make a vinyls of a pair of the secondary Walk Machine mecha from Xabungle.  The ‘work’ mecha in Xabungle were all pretty goofy, so they make for great sofubi.  Even the roll-cage frames are vinyl, after having had the inside parts cut out.  Something I never realized until I got mine were that they also come with little DIY flesh vinyl pilot busts that you need to trim, and paint if desired.  Obviously I painted them.  The pilot busts are about a quarter of an inch tall, so I threw a little color on them to make them stand out.


Shelves!   2 comments

New shelves!  The Real X Head has all been rearranged again to show off all the Chaoses, and I got some more ro-butts back into the mix.  No real room for Iron Man tho… also redid the Neo Eyezons and Glyos stuff, but that’s still in progress.  I’m still not happy with the top shelf either.  It’s mostly spillover right now from re-doing the standard-sized vinyl shelf.  I un-segregated the Max Toy Co stuff, and put all the heroes in the center, surrounded by my favorite of the standard kaiju.  The 3A stuff is all destined to be re-arranged as well, as 3A shipping-magedon should be starting soon, and lasting most of the summer from what I understand.  Hence no shots of the 1/6 stuff either.

Shelf Updates   Leave a comment

Pics of my shelves seem to have become pretty popular, so here’s an update including much better pics of my vinyl shelves, and the bottom shelf totally redone with my TF big-guns in anticipation of some new stuff coming!  Right now I’m loving the Max Toy Co and glow display on my nightstand.

Bandai HCM Walker Galliar   Leave a comment

Combat Mecha Xabungle/Blue Gale Xabungle is one of the early pioneer ‘real robot’ mecha animes.  I haven’t actually see the show yet, but there is finally a fansubber out there working through the series, so eventually I will watch it.  I have always been enamored with the mecha designs, and the toys thereof, especially the Walker Galliar and the Iron Gear.  The Iron Gear is a massive transforming land ship, bristling with battleship features like a bridge and gun turrets, and is a toy on my wish list.

The Walker Galliar is one of the mecha deisgns that has a number of toy releases so it must have been a more important machine than the other side-designs that only ever got model kits.  The Galliar consists of an armored futuristic pickup truck and a hovercraft, and the two combine and transform to form a robot.  The Galliar is pretty much always depicted with its big goofy bazooka, and often an assault rifle and other random weapon situation depending.  The ‘real robot’ nature of Xabungle means that every mecha design in the series is built for utility and function over looks and style.  Even the Galliar has small gun turrets mounted on it, just like an armored fighting vehicle.

Bandai’s High Complete Model series is one of the staple 80’s mecha toy design lines, bridging the gap between model kits and toys.  HCM models often have die cast metal parts and accessories that come on sprues and must be assembled like model parts.  The HCM toys from the original line in the 80s included real robots and super robots, from Gundam to Raydeen, and featured excellent detail and articulation for the time.  The HCM line’s spiritual successor in the HCMPro line started back up a few years ago with Gundam figures and are excellent as well.

The HCM Walker Galliar is 1/144 scale and features die cast feet and hip bar.  The rest of the toy is plastic, and features fantastic articulation for the time, and only a little less articulation than the modern Soul of Chogokin Walker Galliar, which is about the same size.  The little mounted gun turrets come on a separate sprue and must be attached to the figure, and the yellow details in the ankle rounds are stickers.  I wanted to add a little detail to the figure, taking cues from the Real Robot Revolution Walker Galliar plamo kit by Bandai, adding some rivets and panel lines on the legs.  I didn’t want to have to repaint the whole figure, so I did not worry about part seams and sprue marks on the figure, but just wanted to add detail and weathering to make a pretty figure that could still be played with.  Weathering was made from my new favorite mix of Mig pigments, Tamiya weathering pigments, and paint washes.  The tough thing was the balance weathering for robot mode and vehicle mode, so there is some overlap in weathering that applies to one mode and not the other, but really that makes sense for a variable machine.

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