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Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran!   Leave a comment

Max Toy Co unveiled its new line of mini vinyl sculpts a few months back, and the first release was of unpainted pink vinyl.  Each of the Max Toy Co characters was sculpted in around 3″ scale by different Japanese artists that Mark has worked with, lending each figure a unique flare and style, while still forming a cohesive and really cool line.

I painted this Drazoran to match (sort of) my pet in World of Warcraft, because I named my Devilsaur pet ‘Drazoran’, and I am a dork.  Sharp-eyed observers will notice the colors are similar to my Blobpus painting contest blob… these colors are a favorite of mine, and will likely be popping up more often 😉  I made sure to use the bright pink vinyl in crevices and joint areas to represent softer flexible flesh in between the thick hide, like a real reptile (or dinosaur!)  The figure was painted using Monster Kolor, and because it’s a mini, I got to really work on my tight airbrushing skills using only the Super Fine tip I have.  I may end up having to grab some more minis to paint, because they are a great size to paint in an afternoon and try new things on, and are pretty easy to find.