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PRHI x KotS Simulant Stalker (Miniborg) Collaboration   Leave a comment

This project has been in the works for a while now and I’m super excited to start showing it off!

A while back after my big run of Knights of the Slice customs, Jesse reached out and offered me the opportunity to design my own character for an official production run. It was such an incredible opportunity and I tried to dig deep through my 80s mecha influences, resulting in the Simulant Stalker, a cyber-enhanced bounty hunter who stalks renegade robots in Harbor Noir. The standard version of the figure will be up for sale tomorrow night at 7:30PM EST from @toypizza

After that, I’ll be debuting a 3D printed accessory set available though the Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Shapeways store. Then after that I’ll be releasing a custom run of Deluxe figures including the accessories and additional paint work. More details to come, for now make sure you grab a Simulant Stalker (aka the Miniborg) from Toy Pizza tomorrow night! Follow my Instagram for the most up to date news, there will be lots of news this week and goodies to buy!

PRHI Glyos ‘Real Type’ Customs on Monster Kolor   Leave a comment

2014-05-26 23.55.28

More good news!  The unofficial Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Glyos ‘Real Type’ release is now up on the Monster Kolor web shop.  This is a project long in the making.  Some of these customs were started a few years ago, but I finally had some time recently to sit down and finish them (and more!)  There are fourteen customs in a variety of builds and themes, from a couple simple Travellers to heavily customized builds.  Everything is painted with Monster Kolor paints, with acrylics, oils, and pigments for the heavy weathering they all received.  A couple feature rare production Glyos heads spruced up, and one even has the last of my Brownnoize Productions metal cast Phanost heads.  Each one of these is fully finished and weathered, and thanks to the MK paint they are totally durable and playable.  Head on over to the PRHI category on the MK web shop to buy them now, or look below for individual links to each figure.

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Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Glyos Custom Release with Monster Kolor!   Leave a comment

IMG_20140527_080503Just posted to Instagram and figured I should put it here as well.  I’ll be having a Glyos custom release on the Monster Kolor site in a few weeks, so here’s a quick peak until everything’s photographed!


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NiStuff Adaman Hard At Work   Leave a comment

NiStuff recently debuted some fantastic PVC minifigures based on his Glyos-inspired 481 Universe, and they have really inspired me to get to work.  You can check them out at Ni’s site, and I’ll definitely be posting more about them in the near future, but I was having a little fun tonight and wanted to show off.  The first thing I did when I got my set was get out a knife and some rare earth magnets and articulate the shoulders, to great success.  Adamen are the ubiquitous worker species of the 481 setting, and I couldn’t help prep my first one as a support crew member for a very mecha-ey Glyos build I recently finished.  I have a couple more on the way that will be getting the same treatment so I can paint them all at the same time, and will show more then!

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Real X Head x Onell Chaos Trooper Frankenruge   Leave a comment



The new Chaos Trooper sculpt from Real X Head blends design elements from the vinyl Adult Chaosman with Onell’s Glyos sculpts, in particular from the Chaos Invasion Custom Corps wave.  The debut release of the new Trooper was on flesh vinyl, and I managed to pick up two so that I could get a Frankenruge version painted up to match my Glyos Frankenruge Trooper.




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Glyos Ceekoar Govurom and Phanost   Leave a comment

Two Ceekoar veterans provided for a commission.

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Glyos Gobon Assault Interloper   Leave a comment

Clear, glitter, articulation, and a giant gun.

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Glyos Suckgrim   1 comment

This guy was a commissioned figure.  I was given the special head, a Callgrim figure, and two packs of Axis parts and told to go nuts.  In an attempt to use as many parts as possible I gave this guy  a heavy blaster and a jump pack and good articulation.

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Glyos Wasp Phanost   Leave a comment

Shiny and matte with weathering.  Everything nice.  Shiny green armor with matte yellow trim, a metallic blaster, and an energy shield on the shoulder.

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Glyos Glyaxia Renegade Phanost   Leave a comment

Glyaxia Command is one of the main forces in the Glyos universe.  This guy used to be a member until he was transformed into a Phanost, and now is on the run!

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