Neo Eyezon Mark Nagata X Prometheum5 Collab!   1 comment

Hi all,

Mark posted a photo, on the Max Toy Co site so I guess I can now, too.  Over the summer, Mark asked me if I was interested in doing a run of Neo Eyezons, to which I could not have said ‘yes’ more excitedly!  More details are forthcoming, but I painted my figures a couple weeks back and shipped them to Mark.  They will be sold as a two-pack with a Neo Eyezon by Mark, and that’s all I can say for now.  Here’s a couple photos of the beasts, though.  This project got to act as sort of the debut for Monster Kolor’s Hawaii Kolor set, which comes with trial-size bottles of great colors and a toy for $40, and is the perfect kit for anyone who’s been thinking about trying to paint toys, or airbrush in general!  I based the colors for my Neo Eyezons on the Bullmark Hawaii King Ghidorah, since I love green!  😀  Here’s a couple shots before they shipped off to Mark.

While I was painting these guys, I also whipped up this little guy using the colors for myself, since all the Eyezons went off in a box to Mark:


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