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Monster Kolor Painting Class ‘Water Emergence’ TriPus   Leave a comment


On Saturday, June 22 I took a trek out to the brand new Monster Kolor shop in Middleboro, Mass for one heck of a good time.  I attended the ‘Paint your own TriPus’ event, hosted by Monster Kolor with blank TriPus figures supplied by Max Toy Co.  The attendees ranged in skill from the talented and always fun Todd Robertson and Will Long to people who had never used an airbrush before.  The weather was perfect for a bunch of toy heads to hang out in a back alley and shoot paint.  Benny Kline of Tenacious Toys was nice enough to photograph the whole even and post a huge gallery of photos from the day.

I spent the drive to Massachusetts planning the paint job for my TriPus.  I wanted to something with deep blue tones and a fade on the bottom to give the appearance of a monster emerging from the ocean, all realistically colored and detailed up top.  Walker had a few special paints and surprises out for people to try, so I was able to stick to my plan while trying out a few sharp new colors.  Click through for nice big, tasty photos of some shiny green TriPus action!  The whole figure was painted on Saturday with whatever tools and colors were on hand, and served as a great warm up refresher piece while I work on unpacking my studio into my new apartment.

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PRS ‘Clover’ Style Gundam at Winter Wonderfest   Leave a comment

When I posted the finished shots of my Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam painted with Monster Kolor, Matt Walker aka Dead Pre$idents asked me if he could display it at the booth he was sharing with Max Toy Co at Winter Wonder Festival in Japan.  Monster Kolor paint has been a huge success for Matt, and he is always looking for demonstrations of its use in new and creative ways.  My MK on plastic Gundam model fit the bill, and was shipped off to Japan for display at the show.  These pics of the booth come courtesy of Kaiju Korner Andy, who has been providing the best English-language coverage of Japanese shows and festivals out there for a couple of years now.  Go check out the rest of his extensive WonderFest coverage here.  He took a gazillion photos, and there’s more still to be posted.

Here’s a shot of the whole Max Toy Co and Friends booth!  My Gundam was in good company.  I think it’s giving Max Toy Co’s new micro Kaiju Negora sculpt a bit of a shakedown!

In Living Kolor Boston!   Leave a comment

In Living Kolor Boston was this weekend and it was a blast!  Seven hours of driving both ways to Lot F Gallery, an awesome gallery space tucked away right in Boston, were well worth it.  A ton of people showed up for both the live painting and the gallery opening, and a ton of toys got painted.  Max Toy Co, Onell, and resin artist Dustin Nakagawa all provided a pile of blanks for painting.  It was great to see old friends, make new ones, and see people who had never painted before try out Monster Kolor spraycans and airbrushing.  I painted the mini Eyezon above, on clear green vinyl with sparkles…


…this mini Argus on red vinyl.  I slathered it with pink peal, and then tried out the MK rattle can matte finish, which gave it a great finish.

I also picked up this awesome little resin by Dustin Nakagawa, named Gamusa.  He’s clearly inspired by Zollmen’s Zudon, but has some differences that make him stand out, and is a perfectly sized and shaped little resin buddy.  I also worked on a blank Gamusa that I will post up when I finish.

Another shot of Gamusa.  The loose sprays work really well on the rough sculpt, and manage to highlight the details really well.  I should also mention that this guy has a great heft to him, and seems to be cast from a really nice resin.



Max Toy Co Minis   Leave a comment

You can never have enough Max Toy Co minis, especially now that there’s two new molds: Dragigus and Drazorus.  These two are the first release on glow vinyl, painted by Mark Nagata.

Every day it seems like Captain Maxx has more and more villains to face!

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Max Toy Co Pocket Xam   Leave a comment

Clear red vinyl with opaque and clear paint.  The black lining was an experiment that I’m pretty happy with.

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Max Toy Co Captain Maxx Greeeeeeen!   Leave a comment

Just testing out a palette…

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Max Toy Co at Toygraph Alien Argus Show!   Leave a comment

Ceekoar Argus is available at the TAG Shop now, along with some other fierce custom Arguses (Argusi?)

UPDATE: Looks like my Argus has sold!  Thanks for all your continued support.

TAG posted this preview of the Alien Argus show postcard on their Twitter!  I am sooo excited to see this show open, and wish I could be there myself.  See if you can spot my figure on the card (twice!).

Update: Remember the show opens tomorrow night!

Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran- UPDATED   1 comment


I have been having a blast getting to know the Monster Kolor paint system since this summer, experimenting with all sorts of crazy finishes and pearl effects, but I have been itching to get back to matte finishes and more ‘model’ sprays.  I went for a vintage feel on this guy with flat colors and silver, but couldn’t help but use a metallic color on the spines.  With a matte finish, the pearls give off this neat iridescence that I was really happy with on the Argus, without being overwhelming.

NOW with better photos.

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Max Toy Minis Custom Set   2 comments


With the completion of the Eyezon, I have assembled a full set (plus a duplicate) of Monster Kolor painted Max Toy minis.  The Eyezon, metallic Xam, Tripus, Drazoran, and Eyezon are by me, the pink Xam is by Nagata, and the Maxx is by DP.  Now I need to get one of every sculpt hand-painted by a different artist 😉  I have a flat-color Drazoran painted by Gatchabert, so that’s three sculpts down…

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Max Toy Co Hawaii Mini Eyezon   1 comment

I tried to really push my colors and sprays with this little guy. A trick that I’ve learned I can use is to bring up my highlights in white and then use a light squirt of clear colors to restore any fading. I used that on the body to re-saturate some of the colors that I thought were looking a little too light.
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