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1/60 Scale Party   Leave a comment

Reorganized some shelves while waiting for new arrivals.  Here’s my 1/60 scale mecha lineup, featuring Macross, Dougram, Dorvack, Patlabor, Votoms, Gundam, and Mospeada.  Basically, all of my favorite things.  Click the top image for a bigger panorama.

Real X Head Bigantor-28   Leave a comment

My first Real X Head custom!  RxH is one of the premier Japanese designer vinyl companies, made from the ground up by Mori, the owner and creative genius behind the designs.  I like the sculpts of the RxH figures alot, but there are so many colorways to chose from at this point that I’ve only picked up a few production pieces.  To get most of the sculpts, I instead opted to snag an entire peach flesh set to do with as I pleased, including a couple extra of the Bigaro sculpt, seen here, to practice on.

This figure is designed as a tribute to Tetsujin-28, known in the US as Gigantor, one of the original animated giant robots from way back in the late 1960’s.  I love the classic muted blue of Gigantor, with its small splashes of color for trim.  The yellow 28s on the arms are a nod to the later redesigned T-28, which had big yellow stenciled 28s on its forearms.  I had originally airbrushed the eye, but my aim is not true enough yet, and my yellow paint was not the best mix, so I colored back over all of that and hand painted the eye area.  Big thanks to my friend Sanjeev for his tip on how to ‘fake’ metallic colors with a thin silver coat over all the non-metallic colors!  I had drawn up the ideas for this guy, and managed to paint the entire figure from start to finish in an evening.  It still amazes me how much I can get done now with the airbrush!  The ‘cape’ is painted to look like T-28’s  distinctive jet-pack flame.  When I was taking the photos, something dawned on me as well: the gold-mist Bigaro makes a perfect Black Ox stand-in!  Watch as Bigantor copies some moves he saw in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

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Shelf Updates   Leave a comment

Pics of my shelves seem to have become pretty popular, so here’s an update including much better pics of my vinyl shelves, and the bottom shelf totally redone with my TF big-guns in anticipation of some new stuff coming!  Right now I’m loving the Max Toy Co and glow display on my nightstand.

Shelves   2 comments

My current shelf setup… a combination of real robots in scale and the vintage super robots I’ve been accumulating lately, along with some vinyls and vintage Transformers.

Some Vintage Toy Shots   Leave a comment

Just a couple shots… Popy Chogokin Space Sheriff Sharivan (red) with re-tightened ankles showing off his moves, and some Takara Magnemo fun with the reissue Jeeg I just got and the extra Baron Karza parts I got in a parts lot.

Popy Chogokin GA-05 Great Mazinger Scramble Dash Scratchbuild   Leave a comment

Popy is a now-defunct Japanese toy company who basically single-handedly started the die cast robot craze in the 70’s.  The initial Chogokin releases were around 5 inch tall action figures almost completely made from metal, with shooting fists and some accessories.  GA-05 is Great Mazinger, the successor bot to Mazinger Z, one of the grandaddies of the piloted giant robot genre.  One of the defining accessories of Great Mazinger is the Scramble Dash flight pack, which retracts into Great Maz (somehow :P) as opposed to the Jet Scrander on Mazinger Z, which was a separate dock-able module.

I received this Great Mazinger chogokin in a mixed lot of Transformers toys, so it is likely a Shogun Warriors release, from when Mattel imported a mix of Japanese super robot toys to the US.  The paint on the figure is pretty beat up, but the figure is intact and still tight, so I decided to make it my first fixer-up project, along with a number of others that are currently in the mail.  I purchased reproduction fists online, but was unable to find a Scramble Dash anywhere, so I decided to just make one.  I collected a couple of pictures from auctions online, and made the basic shapes from plasticard, with Green Stuff putty work for the wing tips and engine bodies.  After that, it was just a lot of Mr. Surfacer puttying and sanding… and in reality, I probably could have done more sanding and smoothing work.  The engine nozzles are Kotobukiya option parts.

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