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Sunguts is a JP vinyl maker known for his awesome line of cutesy kaiju minis, but he has done some larger work as well.  Queen Yulisis exists as a cute mini, but was also translated into an awesome, gigantic standard sized sculpt.  I painted this Queen in colors reminiscent of the old Bullmark Guiro Seijin, which features my favorite vintage paint job.

In addition to being huge and multiply articulated throughout the tentacles, Queen Yulisis also features a head shell that turns to reveal three different faces.

So fun!

I painted this guy entirely with Monster Kolor over black vinyl.  The primary color was Clover, a dark green with pearl mixed in, painted on while leaving some black in the recesses for deep shading.  From there I highlighted the green with a mix of Clover and regular MK Green.  Next I painted the reds using the regular red and a highlight mix of red and pink.  The blue is C-thru blue over silver.  The head shell also received the blue pearl ‘chaser’ that came with the Clover set, and it gives off an awesome mutli-pearl finish.


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