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Welcome to Prometheus Rising Studios, the home of Ben Mininberg, aka Prometheum5’s custom made toys, painted models, and other various works.  Here you’ll find the latest on my homegrown, original mecha toys, as well as replacement and upgrade parts for vintage toys. I produce most of my work using 3D printing, both done at home on Afinia printers, as well as through Shapeways. You can purchase a whole assortment of fun things right now from the Promethus Rising Heavy Industries Shapeways Shop, or head to the PRHI Monster Kolor Shop for original figures and custom painted toys. I also use this space to display some of my other works, including toy restorations, model kit builds, and miniature paint jobs. Drop me a line using the Contact Me link or leave a comment with questions. I am always happy to help out a fellow hobbyist, and one of my goals with this site is to make 3D printing accessible by demonstrating what can be done with a little ingenuity and a lot of creativity!

For more info about Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries and my 3D printing efforts, click this post to check out this interview I did with CollectionDX!

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PRHI Blasters up on Shapeways   Leave a comment

More new 3D printed blasters for your 6″ action figures are up on the PRHI Shapeways Shop! First up is big mac-daddy blaster for the recent Marvel Legends Cable. He comes with a decent over-sized impractical gun already, but mine matches up with the classic Toybiz figure’s ridiculous weapon.

Next up by request are some classic toy blasters. First is the iconic vintage Lazer Tag pistol, which fits larger figures like Cable really well. The grip on this one is real chunky, so I’ll be offering a smaller version for more regular-proportioned 6″ figures soon.

Last is a weapon that needs no introduction. Pick up a Zapper so your figures can light up whatever enemies they face!

PRHI Masudaya 1/5 Robot B-9/YM-3 Replacement Claws Now on Shapeways   Leave a comment


I recently picked up the incredible vintage Masudaya Robot YM-3/B-9 1/5 scale talking vinyl kit from Lost in Space at a local comic show. It’s a gorgeous kit that I quickly build up, but the claws that come with the kit are a letdown in accuracy compared to the rest of the kit. I designed a simple, drop-in replacement part that is more screen accurate and fits your robot without any modification, available in red (and other colors) plastic now from the PRHI Shapeways Shop. You could potentially cut the claws apart at the middle and make them articulated the same way the stock kit parts work, or leave them as-is for a no-effort upgrade to your trusty bot.

PRHI 3D Printed Kenner Star Wars Astromech Droid Kit and Jabba’s Palace Drink Tray   Leave a comment

Things have been busy lately at the PRHI factory, and I have been dying to show off what I’ve been working on. I didn’t want to start revealing these too early, but now everything is ready and the PRHI Shapeways Shop has been updated so you can dig in! Astromech droids are one of the most iconic aspects of the Star Wars franchise and Kenner clearly recognized this early on, releasing more versions of the venerable little R2-D2 figure than almost any other character. Astute viewers of the original films will be able to spot loads of different Astromechs, and the modern Hasbro line is rotten with obscure variants. For vintage Kenner collectors, the options are a little more limited. There are plenty of beat up old Kenner R2s and R5s out there that could be customized, but they have a certain charm in their well-loved, beater form. Now you can whip up any custom Astromech you can think of with the PRHI Astromech Kit available from Shapeways. This kit mimics the original Kenner R2/R5 toy design, but with modern COO markings for easy identification. PRHI Astromech Kit parts are even compatible with vintage parts for repairs, and the PRHI droid’s head clicks when turned just like the original. Grab a kit in any color you like and whip up a sticker to complete the look. Thanks to all the options Shapeways has, you can make a whole slew of different colors droids, and even make a clear-domed R3 model using the R2 head printed in Frosted Ultra Detail. You can get your R2’s head printed in Stainless Steel for a more rugged look that I’m rather partial to.

Also available are some options not made by Kenner, specifically the R4 head, the R5-D4 Prototype sculpt head from the same early catalog as the PRHI Power Droid Prototype Kit, and now you can finally complete your Jabba’s Palace scenes with a 3D printed R2 Drink Tray! The Drink Tray is an especially fun project, and is compatible with vintage toys and the PRHI Astromech Kit. The Drink Tray fits on without any modification to your toy, and looks great with a quick paint job. Not too detailed, just the way Kenner would have done it. All of these goodies are available now through Shapeways!

To build a complete PRHI Astromech Kit you will need the following:
For all Astromechs:

Leg Sprue
Head Peg (or you can use a 6-32 5/16″ screw for Strong Flexible heads)

Then, for R2/R3 droids:
R2/R3 Head
R2/R3/R4/R5P Insert

For R4 droids:
R4 Head
R2/R3/R4/R5P Insert

For the R5 Prototype:
R5 Prototype Head
R2/R3/R4/R5P Insert

For R5 droids:
R5 Head
R5 Insert

I’ve been whipping up custom Astromechs like mad using some custom stickers I got off ebay. These are going to be all over my vintage display once it’s set up.

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New PRHI Shapeways Items – Star Wars Black DLT-19X and DLT-19 Sniper, Vintage Boba Fett Pistol, Jabba’s Band, Large Size Accessories, Prototype Gonk Droid Kit   1 comment

I’ve got a whole spread of new offerings up on the PRHI Shapeways Shop today! There’s a little bit of everything here, replacement parts (marked for easy identification), upgrade parts, and even an entire new PRHI toy kit!






First up is something I’m really excited about, a complete toy kit to enhance your vintage Kenner Star Wars collection. This complete vintage-style Power (Gonk) Droid kit is based on an early prototype sculpt shown in a German catalog (pic on SWCA). The prototype is in the hands of a collector, so there is plenty of reference to make  a kit version. The PRHI Proto Gonk kit is supplied in two  parts (Body and Leg Sprue), and is available in any color you like. I recommend a nice bright color for the body and black for the legs and antenna. The kit can be assembled without glue, but I would recommend using some on the little antenna for security. You will need to provide your own sticker for the face, and paint up the feet. The finished figure is articulated at the legs.



Next up are two highly requested accessories for your Star Wars Black 6″ figures, the DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle and DLT-19X Sniper model. These are perfect for outfitting your specialist Imperial troops or Battlefront-inspired customs. Both are available in Black Strong Flexible and Premium Black Strong Flexible. I recommend the Premium finish, pictured above. It’s a bit more expensive but makes a huge difference on the finished blaster.


Another new blaster available is this pistol for your vintage Boba Fett. This pistol is accurate to the early version of the costume used to design the Kenner figures, and matches the blaster included with the Kenner large sized Boba Fett. Again, available in Black Strong Flexible and Premium Black Strong Flexible, and I recommend the Premium finish.


After that are some new replacement parts for your vintage toys. All of these are clearly marked with a PRS logo on each part for easy identification. First up are accessories for Sy Snootles and the Max Reebo Band, performing exclusively for Jabba the Hutt! Both the skinny and thick microphone stands and the flute are available separately, each in Premium Black and metallic finishes.


Last, some accessories for your Kenner large sized Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. You can order a lightsaber hilt for your Darth Vader 15″ figure, sized to fit a 0.187″ diameter acrylic rod for the blade. Also up are two styles of Stormtrooper blaster, both as a solid sculpt and the toy-accurate version with lightening holes to save on material. The Kenner large size figures are terrific toys, available for quite cheaply. These accessories are perfect to complete those well-loved Vaders and Stormtroopers you see at every toy show.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of these projects! If you order something and take a pic, tag me on Instagram!

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Warhammer 40k Death Guard Hellbrute and Dreadnought   Leave a comment

Just a couple of filthy, corrupted Death Guard warriors. The plastic starter set Hellbrute is super cheap and easy to get, but the fully mechanized classic metal Chaos Dreadnought feels more appropriate for a Death Guard army. That metal Dread is a bear to assemble. I ended up using most of a tube of JB Kwik Weld to fill in the gaps, and ended up mounting the arms using polycaps for durability and posability.

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Warhammer 40k Nurgle Daemons   1 comment

Nurgle Daemons are the heralds and embodiment of death and decay, spreading pestilence wherever they tread. They are gross and grimy, which makes for very fun painting. Most of these were done quick and easy with lots of washes over a light, drybrushed basecoat. For a little extra fun, I painted the carapaces of the fly daemons with Monster Kolor paints and left them with a high-gloss finish. It gives them a little extra insect authenticity.

Closeups after the fold. These guys were a lot of fun.

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PRHI Warhammer 40k 3D Printed Death Guard Deimos Predator Tanks   Leave a comment

My interest in Warhammer 40k has been greatly revitalized this year with the release of the 8th edition of the game, which greatly streamlined the rules. With the much lower barrier to entry and release of an all new Death Guard line of Chaos Space Marine models, 40k has been monopolizing my hobby time for months now. The Death Guard are Heretic Adeptus Astartes that have pledged themselves to the Chaos god Nurgle, god of death and decay. They are 1oo% my jam, with loads of opportunities for gross gribbly bits and, most importantly, filthy, dirty, rusty armor. I wanted to add some armored support to my fledgling army before the full Codex came out, which meant Chaos Predators. I am basing my army on the 2nd Plague Company of the Death Guard, hosts of the Ferric Blight.  I am modeling them as a well-equipped Vectorum, with lots of relic armor and equipment that has decayed over the millenia, but not mutated as much as other Death Guard armies. I wanted to use old style Predator tanks that have survived since the Heresy, but I was not married to the Deimos Predator kit from Forge World’s design, or to the idea of paying for those. Instead, I decided to make my own as a bit of a challenge, to see if I could come up with nice gaming-quality models for 3D printing that would not look out of place on the table alongside official models. I had previously printed some Rhinos from files I downloaded on Thingiverse, which I used as the starting point for my own Rhino-based vehicles.  I mostly was trying to avoid having to model the tank treads, so the existing files were a great starting point. From there, I decided to blend the details of the Forge World Deimos kit for the turret and front armor with the original Predator Tank kit from Games Workshop for the armored side sponsons. For a clunky, millenia-maintained tank, I added some stovepipe exhaust stacks to the sides. In the first image above, the grey sides of the tank are the existing files I borrowed from Thingiverse, and everything in black was drafted by me from scratch. The rest of the pics above show the progress of the tanks, from bare plastic to acetoned and primed, then base colored with an airbrush, and finally detailed and weathered for maximum grunginess. Lots more pics after the cut walking through the painting process.

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