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Got some new toys with some unbelievable paint.

Max Toy Co mini Xam painted by Mark Nagata.

Accompanied by an unpainted white mini Maxx that is just gorgeous!

I also purchased this mind-blowing Toygraph Death Climax UFO Monster Gunhead in yummy flesh vinyl painted by the master, Dead Presidents.  Walker pulled out all the stops, and his crazy colors and Monster Kolor paint really shine on this massive beast.

The Guhead is supposed to terrorize Toygraph’s Space Troopers, but Dead Presidents’s new Cosmic Squadron troopers do everything the Space Troopers set out to do better, bigger, and much prettier.

No-mad escapes from the beast’s clutches, lines up the shot his life depends on, and holds his breath!

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Snow Patrol Space Troopers Commission   Leave a comment

I finished the third and final pair of Space Troopers for my commission yesterday.  These two are an eve more drastic departure from the style of the first pair (Soviet) or second pair (Cloud Patrol).  These guys were meant to be white with a basic color over spray, shiny, and much more toy-like than the other pairs.  I decided that it could not get much more classic toy-style than to freehand spray almost everything on the figure.  I was unsure how it would go at first, but once I got into a rhythm  handling the airbrush it went really quickly and was a good time.  I am really happy with how these guys came out, even though I was unsure of the idea at first.  I hand brushed just a few details like the eyes and teeth in a single color each to keep it simple.  It was tough to resist the temptation to go nuts with a blood spray all over the chainsaw guy, but I figured for this set he is the ice-clearer guy instead.  If I did another set with a chainsaw guy in it, I’d definitely make him the berserker of the group and go hog wild!

On to the pics!

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Space Troopers Cloud Patrol   Leave a comment

Here’s the second pair of figures in my Space Troopers commission, Cloud patrol Troopers.  These are the counterparts to the Soviet guys and have an ‘America’ feel without being too overt… I considered a more Captain America-ey direct enemy to the Soviet squad, but brainstormed trying this cloud camo with my airbrush and really wanted to try it.  The heads on these guys are GID so I figured they were ghosts instead of radioactive zombies, so I left their suits cleaner.  Glow shots to come later (when it’s dark!)

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Soviet Space Troopers   3 comments

Space Troopers are a line of figures by vinyl company Toygraph.  They feature a modular design with multiple arm weapons and heads, and a classic sci-fi funk.  I am currently working on three pairs of Troopers in different paint schemes, and finished these Soviet themed Troopers last night.  Troopers usually have a simple masked spray pattern and are kind of boring, but I thought that they could be vastly improved with a matte finish and some proper weathering and detailing.  I freehanded the wavy camo over a classic Rooskie red suit, and added brass colored joint work and some yellow trim, looking at my Big Red Large Martin for inspiration.

I’m really happy with how these came out, and might have to whip up some more in this scheme.

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