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M1 Ultra Monster Bemlar Custom   Leave a comment


Bemlar has the dubious distinction of being the first Ultra Monster to face an Ultraman, way back in 1966.  It’s a solid design that still holds up, and M1’s sculpt is a great representation, capturing Bemlar’s weird upright stance with just the right amount of stylization.  The toy is covered with terrific textures that made painting this guy a blast.  I painted Bemlar at the last Monster Kolor paint class, where I had access to the full host of MK goodies.  I had just come back from seeing Godzilla 2014 the night before, which is incredible and everyone should see.  I was really smitten by how hard it was to figure out what color Goji was in that film, so I wanted to try something like that for myself.  I used a lot of strong directional sprays, a couple of metallic colors, clear colors, and some final pearl work to make Bemlar look a different color from pretty much every direction.  I tried to capture that in the photos by taking shots from different angles.  He’s blue in some, green in others, with yellow and copper hues showing up as well.  Painted on flesh vinyl visible on the arms.

It was fun to flex all my airbrushing muscles after having done nothing but real type weathered robot figures for so long.  Think I’ll have to find time for a few more bright and shiny toys in the future…

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Chilled Garamon for Gamaniacal at FOE   1 comment

FOE Gallery is hosting an awesome themed show in February.  Mike Nordstrom is undoubtedly the world’s leading Garamon expert and aficionado, and has curated a show that is going to knock socks off.  I was thrilled to get asked to participate alongside guys like Mark Nagata, Bob Conge, and Koji Harmon.  I went for a realistic finish rather than Monster Kolor craziness, going full ‘model kit’ style on this super detailed sculpt.  Show opens February 10th in Northampton!

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Ultraman Mebius versus Impelaizer!   Leave a comment

Fight!  Desktop-sized images after the fold.

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Banpresto Impelaizer   Leave a comment

Impelaizer is a mean alien warmachine that shows up in Ultraman Mebius and wrecks house.  It features three devastating beam weapons and the ability to regenerate damage.  Impelaizer shows up in the middle of the city and puts the hurt on Ultraman Mebius.  I won’t spoil the whole episode, but a surprise guest star has to show up and help save the day.  This figure comes from Banpresto as a crane game prize, and is awesome.

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M1GO Guiro Dada   Leave a comment

Dada is an Ultraman kaiju.  He’s weird and neat looking, and the M1 sculpt is awesome fun.

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Real X Head Guiro Seijin Gatchigon   Leave a comment

Guiro Seijin is a very cool kaiju from Ultraman Leo, with a very distinctive painted toy:

I love the paint work and figure, but could never afford the vintage figure.  Somehow I thought the Real X Head Gatchigon sculpt kinda, sorta, maybe reminded me of the Guiro Seijin, so I decided to see how the Gatchigon would look in these colors… the end results came out really neat, even if I feel like I cannot have been the first person to think of this custom.  This guy was fun to paint; the loose spray vintage style was very different from the tight and detailed spray work I usually do.

October Shelves/Haul   2 comments

An update on the toys that were waiting for me at the end of this college term… some updated proper shelf shots are in order of my now awesome vinyl collection.  Kaiju have muscled Gokin and Transformers out of the way to take over!  Lots of M1 Lucky Bag blanks, a ton of RealXHead, including the first Gatchigon (Smokey clear with GID vinyl shards and green baby), and two non-vinyl victories, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Megazord and Thunderzord, two of my favorite toys! Also note the Marka Nagata handpainted Captain Maxx, as well as my Toy Karma 2 Mark Nagata Neo Eyezon and Toybot Studios Rockin Kemur Seijin show pieces.  Transformers-wise, I managed to score another grail piece, Micromaster Sonic, partner to Sonic Bomber, the missing piece of my Zone Powered Masters trio!