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PRHI 3D Printed ‘Box’ Mk I and Mk II 1/6 Scale Kit Printable Files   Leave a comment


I posted the PRHI ‘Box’ Mk I 3D printed toy a while back.  It was designed as an exercise for me to try out some new joint designs.  It’s a bootleg of ThreeA’s Square toy, with some additional detail and accessory bits by me.  I had never really planned on using this model for anything more, but I have received a couple requests to share the files.  Sort of an ‘open source’ Square bootleg.  I’m hosting a .zip folder of the STL files needed to print your own ‘Box’ for personal purposes.  The models are intended to be printed in ABS plastic, as I do not believe PLA has the elasticity for the ratchet joints in the legs to work properly.  In addition to the Box Mk I, I am posting files for the Box Mk II, which I do not believe I have ever shown off before:


Here are download links for the two sets of files.  Each is a .zip folder containing all the parts needed to print a PRHI Box.  Parts that need to be printed more than once are labeled as such in the filename.  These are provided as-is, with no support.  If you print one and do something cool with it, send me an email!

PRHI Box MkI Download Link on GoogleDrive

PRHI Box MKII Download Link on GoogleDrive

I Needed A Simple Design to Test Some New 3D Printed Joints so I Made a Square   5 comments


After the most recent Paul Kaiju show at FOE, I got a chance to stand outside in the cold of frosty Northampton and talk shop with Sanjeev Teh Jerk, master of all things 3D design.  While I have been going headlong into home-grown ABS printing, Sanjeev has been working on some face-meltingly cool multimedia affairs for production through Shapeways.  Production method aside, we are both always looking to existing toys for inspiration.  Sanjeev mentioned to me how he had recently cracked open a vintage Gokin and found a joint design that we both were pretty sure would work in 3D printed ABS.  We talked, froze our asses off, and then I went home, and the gears were in motion.

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3A Adventure Kartel Shots   Leave a comment

I recent posted a review of 3A’s Nefarious 10 Finger Gang figure over at CollectionDX, and I ended up with some extra shots of the other figures I used in that review, so I figured I’d toss them up here for fun.  The Adventure Kartel line makes for some of my favorite 1/6 character figures, and once I got to taking pics I couldn’t help but go a little overboard.

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3A WWRp Rumble in the Jungle   Leave a comment

3A deliveries are the best.  The new portable Dropcloth is insane.  They managed to replicate the 1/6 bot at half the size perfectly, to a fault.  The hands are really too delicate to hold the weapons, so I added a pin to the right palm that hooks into the weapon handles like on Gundam kits.

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3A Nightwatch NOM Commander and Heavy Bramble Wallpaper   Leave a comment

I made this image using photos from my own collection and my 3A NW NOM Commander and Heavy Bramble, which I have really been enjoying lately.  After the fold are hi-res versions for 1920 and 1680-width monitors for your wallpaper use, if you are interested.

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Toys for Japan   Leave a comment

White with red makes for some striking toys.  Picture: JDF Armstrong by 3A, DIY for Japan Meathead  by Motorbot, and Japan relief USB Voltron and Nekosaur by Incubot.

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Jung de Plume   Leave a comment

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