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Killer Culture RLF-MKI Antimacrobial Microfighter Rollout Colors and Release Details   1 comment

The newest Killer Culture sculpt, the Antimacrobial Microfighter RLF-MKI is the main line of defense robots designed by the Joint Killer Culture Defense Force (JKCDF) designed to fight the growing Macrobial menace wherever they appear.  Armed with a heavy bazooka cannon and a twin-barrel multipurpose launcher, the “Relief” Mark I is designed for mobility and firepower

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Antimacrobial Microfighters: Hot off the workbench!   Leave a comment

Proof that I’ve been holding out on you all 😉  Real photos for each set and some background forthcoming.  My goal is to get these out real soon.  There’s still some surprises in store, so don’t fret.

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Microfighter Update   Leave a comment

Just a little proof that we’re still making progress… one set is done, but the Rollout colors require a little more prep.  These are going to hit hard when they finally hit!

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Microfighter Update   1 comment

Things moved a little faster than expected…

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Antimacrobial Microfighter   Leave a comment

I saw this post over at Overkill Creations calling customizers to develop new MUSCLE style minifigures as part of an open collaboration to continue the line.  I am too young to have played with MUSCLE figures, but I did love the heck out of Z-bots, a similar line of pocket sized robots that were fully painted and articulated.  I had been beginning to brainstorm a set of micro robots designed to fight the Killer Culture macrobial threats, and Mad Joe’s idea pushed me over the edge.  This is the sum of two evenings’ work, and the figure is now just waiting for the Apoxy Sculpt details to dry so I can clean them up and apply a primer coat to sand.

Sorry for the rough photos, but these are hot off the workbench from my iPod camera.


Fluff and more details will be forthcoming.  This guy will not be like the second bacteria sculpt I teased, which proved a little too ambitious for my current setup, but there’s more in the future of that design.  If all goes according to plan (and it likely will, since I will be snowed in most of the week), there should be casts of this guy by the weekend!

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Minis!   Leave a comment

Mini vinyls are awesome.  That is all.

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Killer Culture at New York Comic Con!   Leave a comment

It’s super last minute, but I managed to squeak a little painting in, and will have the first set of version 2 Escherichia killers with me at NYCC on Saturday!  Along with a much cleaner and more consistent mold, E.killer v2 introduces a new feature to the Killer Culture line.  Killer Culture is now magnetic!  Using rare earth magnets allows for much more durable and consistent articulation, as well as some interesting possibilities down the line.

Reviews of the first E.killer also pointed out that the base was something of a weak spot in the original tooling.  I agreed, and made a major revision to the base part, and the figures now have a nice, bold, and simple logo, which I’m really happy with.

Figures will be $35, and I will be carrying them around with me on Saturday.  I’ll be around the Onell booth many times during the day, as that’s where some of the coolest artists will be!  I got a taste of what Onell is bringing to the show last night, and it is not to be missed.


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E.killer Review Up On CollectionDX   Leave a comment

ColletionDX owner JoshB surprised me with a really honest review of my first E.killer toy over at CollectionDX, and you should check it out!  It’s great to get some really blunt feedback, and I’m incorporating a fix for the biggest complaint into the upcoming E.killer v.2, the base.

Look for some news on new figures soon.  I am going to spend the weekend pouring molds, and should hopefully have something real to show soon!

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New Culture Sighted   1 comment

The Bureaucratic Agency for Killer Culture Tracking, Analysis, Countering, and Killing (BAKCTRACK) received a partially scrambled transmission from a Joint Killer Culture Defense Force (JKCDF) task force in the field.  From what was recoverable, the JKCDF team responded to a distress call from a local microbial research laboratory.  The following image was received from the recon unit before the signal was scrambled.  BAKCTRACK scientists are analyzing the photo to determine the nature of this unknown monster, but it is clearly some new form of macrocellular menace.  Unfortunately, when JKCDF reinforcements arrived, the lab was burned to the ground with no survivors.  It appears the recon team initiated Class 9 containment protocols, which are only used in the worst contamination events.  Something clearly went wrong during the purge, however, and the recon team was overwhelmed.  Further investigation into this photo by BAKCTRACK experts will hopefully give us some insight into what new threat we are facing.  One thing we do know is that this new creature appears to be wielding something not of biological origin.  It appears the Killer Cultures are evolving, which can only be cause for concern.

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E.killer Fant Art by Josh Bernard!   Leave a comment

I was greeted on Facebook with this fantastic surprise, a piece of painted E.killer fan-art by none other than my friend and digi-boss Josh Bernard, owner of CollectionDX.  You can check out more of Josh’s art on Quibx Blog.  Josh has an awesome metal album-art style with heavy black inking and a dark sensibility, and it really brings the E.killer to life!  Click the image for the full-size… it’s unreal.

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