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The Bureaucratic Agency for Killer Culture Tracking, Analysis, Countering, and Killing (BAKCTRACK) received a partially scrambled transmission from a Joint Killer Culture Defense Force (JKCDF) task force in the field.  From what was recoverable, the JKCDF team responded to a distress call from a local microbial research laboratory.  The following image was received from the recon unit before the signal was scrambled.  BAKCTRACK scientists are analyzing the photo to determine the nature of this unknown monster, but it is clearly some new form of macrocellular menace.  Unfortunately, when JKCDF reinforcements arrived, the lab was burned to the ground with no survivors.  It appears the recon team initiated Class 9 containment protocols, which are only used in the worst contamination events.  Something clearly went wrong during the purge, however, and the recon team was overwhelmed.  Further investigation into this photo by BAKCTRACK experts will hopefully give us some insight into what new threat we are facing.  One thing we do know is that this new creature appears to be wielding something not of biological origin.  It appears the Killer Cultures are evolving, which can only be cause for concern.

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