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I saw this post over at Overkill Creations calling customizers to develop new MUSCLE style minifigures as part of an open collaboration to continue the line.  I am too young to have played with MUSCLE figures, but I did love the heck out of Z-bots, a similar line of pocket sized robots that were fully painted and articulated.  I had been beginning to brainstorm a set of micro robots designed to fight the Killer Culture macrobial threats, and Mad Joe’s idea pushed me over the edge.  This is the sum of two evenings’ work, and the figure is now just waiting for the Apoxy Sculpt details to dry so I can clean them up and apply a primer coat to sand.

Sorry for the rough photos, but these are hot off the workbench from my iPod camera.


Fluff and more details will be forthcoming.  This guy will not be like the second bacteria sculpt I teased, which proved a little too ambitious for my current setup, but there’s more in the future of that design.  If all goes according to plan (and it likely will, since I will be snowed in most of the week), there should be casts of this guy by the weekend!

Posted January 31, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Killer Culture, Mecha, Resin, Toy Customs

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