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The Kaiju Battles Exhibit Gets Around!   Leave a comment

I was thrilled to see this post on Vinyl Pulse today:

Using one of my photos from the Le Studio Plastique 100 Greatest Kaiju Battles photo exhibit!

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Prometheus Rising Studios Photos on Le Studio Plastique!   Leave a comment

The Le Studio Plastique exhibit The 100 Greatest Kaiju Battles went live this morning, and it is even cooler than I could have expected.  The curator, Olivier, did a fantastic job organizing the various photos by theme, and you should look through all of them.


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Prometheus Rising Studios on Le Studio Plastique   Leave a comment

Le Studio Plastique is a digital photo gallery that specializes in Japanese monster toy photography.  There have been a number of themed exhibits so far, and the next one is The 100 Greatest Kaiju Battles, which I contributed to.  Look for the full exhibit soon!

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Killer Culture Invades the East Coast Chogokin Summit!   Leave a comment

This weekend was the East Coast Chogokin Summit, the gathering of CollectionDX and ToyBoxDX members, both local and from afar.  Many homegrown efforts were shown alongside vintage and modern toy trades, including Incubot‘s Nekosaursus vinyl, Nekobot USBs, and the unofficial debut of the Voltron Lion Force USB figure; a peak at what Sanjeev’s Brown Noize Productions is working on; and of course, Killer Culture’s first wave of E.killer resin figures.  The first wave successfully sold out at the show,so check this spot for news on what’s coming next!

E.killer Review on Battlegrip   Leave a comment

Phil Reed have talked quite a bit about toys since I noticed his posting a link to my site a while back on his site,  I sent Phil one of the first E.killers as a thank you for all of his help and advice from his experience with sculpting and casting resin toys, and he was nice enough to post a review.  Check it out here.  I’ll forgive Phil this one time for thinking it’s a plant monster, since it IS green. 😉  Check out Phil’s other awesome reviews and Spotted Online features; he’s really in touch with a good slice of the DIY toy community and keeps tabs on a number of artists and sites.  When you’re done checking out Battlegrip, come back here and pick up an E.killer for yourself!

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Killer Culture E.killer Wave 1 is Available NOW!   Leave a comment

The Prometheus Rising Studios Shop has been updated with the first wave of E.killers and four custom vinyl figures by me!  Check it out now, and send me an email to order!

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Get Ready for SATURDAY   Leave a comment

Just wanted to post a reminder that Sunday was E-day… the first wave of E.killers goes on sale at 8PM EST on SATURDAY the 31st.  Along with the first wave of killers will be some choice vinyl customs from the past couple months for sale.  Make sure to check the Shop for everything that goes up!

EDIT:  the 31st is Saturday, as I said below, now Sunday as I said above.  The release will be Saturday.

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Killer Culture E.killer Ambush!   Leave a comment

Took a huge number of photos today for various projects, and wanted to throw this one up right away!  An E.killer stalks its human prey and prepares an ambush.  When the time is right, the E.killer will pounce upon its unsuspecting victim’s soft, fleshy ankles.

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E.killer Rollout Wave is Ready to go!   3 comments

After weeks of delay due to lost internet, my work schedule, and this awful heat, I am pleased to announce that the debut wave of Killer Culture E.killers is ready to go!

Each E.killer is painted using Monster Kolor paints, and feature multiple colors, pearls, and color change flakes, all with a MK Ultra-High Gloss coat, for maximum shine and protection.  The bugs look wet and iridescent, like living cells!

Now, on to the gory details:

Each E.killer is cast in urethane resin, made from three parts, and features one point of articulation at the tentacle ‘shoulder’.

The Rollout wave of 5 figures will go up for sale at 8:00PM EST Saturday, July 31.  I want to give everyone a chance to catch their breath after SDCC, and let the pics get around.  They will be $35 plus actual shipping (probably USPS flat rate boxes) and come with a bag and header card.  Ordering instructions will go up when they go on sale, but it’ll be an email affair, pay by PayPal, and first-come first-serve.

Can your toy collection withstand the E.killer onslaught??


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This Awful Heat   Leave a comment

Just a quick Killer Culture update: it looks like this heat is supposed to start to break this weekend, so painting should get underway next week.  Fingers crossed for a speedy completion of the first wave of E.killers!

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