PRHI Machine Heart 1/6 Scale Robot Figure Debut and Cotswold Collectibles Collab   2 comments

It’s been a while since I put up a post here, but anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I’ve been plenty busy making cool new stuff! The 3D printed GI Joe replacement limb game is going strong. I’ve teamed up with Cotswold Collectibles to bring Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries 3D printed goodies to more collectors, starting with the Solid Arm and Solid Leg, redesigned for easier printing and more color, and a movable thumb! (shown above). Keep an eye on IG and the Cotswold Facebook Page for news about the upcoming first release. While I was updating the Solid Limbs I took the opportunity to finish another project I’ve been working on for a few years now, a full 1/6 scale robot figure. I debuted the PRHI 1/6 scale Machine Heart action figure on IG a few weeks back, and now have photo spreads of the first three prototypes.

MH-01 was the first completed test of the revised design. Machine Heart takes inspiration from Honda’s ASIMO robot and 70’s Takara SFLand robot design, as well as NASA’s Valkyrie robot astronaut. MH was designed to scale with vintage-style GI Joe and Elite Brigade toys, to the point that the figure can wear GI Joe outerwear and accessories. He even fits into GI Joe vehicles!

MH-02 featured a couple final tweaks and 70’s Takara colors. I found a Gundam sticker sheet in my stash and spruced him up with some extra markings and details to see how much I could do with the finish on a plastic-color model.

MH-03 is printed in more GI Joe Adventure Team-inspired colors. There’s more work to do exploring this side of things, but this test features minimal painted details and lets the sculpt do the talking. This is probably the level of finish that a basic level production run would feature, when we get to that point.



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