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Welcome to Prometheus Rising Studios, the home of Ben Mininberg (Prometheum5)’s custom made toys, painted models, and other various works.  Be sure to check out the latest progress on my efforts to create my own mecha toy line using my PP3DP UP! Mini 3D printer, the archive of my Killer Culture resin bacterial monster and robot figures, and all the models and custom painted toys I’ve done for customers.  If you like what you see, drop me a line using the link on the side or swing by the Store site to purchase something fun.

For more info about Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries and my 3D printing efforts, click this post to check out this interview I did with CollectionDX!

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PRHI Glyos ‘Real Type’ Customs on Monster Kolor   Leave a comment

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More good news!  The unofficial Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Glyos ‘Real Type’ release is now up on the Monster Kolor web shop.  This is a project long in the making.  Some of these customs were started a few years ago, but I finally had some time recently to sit down and finish them (and more!)  There are fourteen customs in a variety of builds and themes, from a couple simple Travellers to heavily customized builds.  Everything is painted with Monster Kolor paints, with acrylics, oils, and pigments for the heavy weathering they all received.  A couple feature rare production Glyos heads spruced up, and one even has the last of my Brownnoize Productions metal cast Phanost heads.  Each one of these is fully finished and weathered, and thanks to the MK paint they are totally durable and playable.  Head on over to the PRHI category on the MK web shop to buy them now, or look below for individual links to each figure.

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Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Toys now Available on the Monster Kolor Store!   Leave a comment



Exciting news today!  Starting today, I’m pleased to announce that Monster Kolor is the official distributor of Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries toys.  From now on, you can get all your 3D printed mecha goodies and more by heading to http://www.monsterkolorstore.com/prhi/  Check back regularly for new releases, and I’ll be sure to post notices here, too.  With the ease that getting help dealing with sales and shipping brings, I’m also happy to say that all PRHI toys are now a little bit cheaper.  The remaining Future Factory toys will be added to the new PRHI category on the MK site at the new prices soon.  There will also be some new customs going up soon!  While you’re there, be sure to pick up some Monster Kolor paint and supplies!

Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Glyos Custom Release with Monster Kolor!   Leave a comment

IMG_20140527_080503Just posted to Instagram and figured I should put it here as well.  I’ll be having a Glyos custom release on the Monster Kolor site in a few weeks, so here’s a quick peak until everything’s photographed!


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M1 Ultra Monster Bemlar Custom   Leave a comment


Bemlar has the dubious distinction of being the first Ultra Monster to face an Ultraman, way back in 1966.  It’s a solid design that still holds up, and M1′s sculpt is a great representation, capturing Bemlar’s weird upright stance with just the right amount of stylization.  The toy is covered with terrific textures that made painting this guy a blast.  I painted Bemlar at the last Monster Kolor paint class, where I had access to the full host of MK goodies.  I had just come back from seeing Godzilla 2014 the night before, which is incredible and everyone should see.  I was really smitten by how hard it was to figure out what color Goji was in that film, so I wanted to try something like that for myself.  I used a lot of strong directional sprays, a couple of metallic colors, clear colors, and some final pearl work to make Bemlar look a different color from pretty much every direction.  I tried to capture that in the photos by taking shots from different angles.  He’s blue in some, green in others, with yellow and copper hues showing up as well.  Painted on flesh vinyl visible on the arms.

It was fun to flex all my airbrushing muscles after having done nothing but real type weathered robot figures for so long.  Think I’ll have to find time for a few more bright and shiny toys in the future…

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PRHI Toys at Super Robots Giant Monster part 5- Blockman Release and Armor Teaser   Leave a comment



The first Microman scale Blockman release debuted at Super Robot Giant Monster as a last minute addition.  I have reworked these guys a bit to be easier to assemble, and can now print them in color!  The Blockmen available were printed in three or four colors with Monster Kolor chromed silver accents.  They also included as weapon for the first time.

The first set of Blockman armor was also on display as a work in progress.  There are three vintage sets of armor for the Blockman figures, and I’d like to get to them all some day.  The armor is fully compatible with each of the figures sold, so I could offer armor sets on their own in the future for people who already Blockmen.  The armor is big and takes a lot of work to make, so I’m still trying to figure out how a release would work.

I have one full color Blockman left after SRGM, the one with green accents and gray fists below.  If you’re interested in him, drop me a line using the Contact Me link on the side.

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PRHI Toys at Super Robots Giant Monster part 4- Special Armored Battalion Stalking Toads   Leave a comment


These anime-inspired Stalking Toads made their debut at Super Robot Giant Monster.  My goal for these was to invoke some more traditional mecha anime colors, rounded out with a lighter weathering than normal so as not to overpower the color scheme.  I finished them off with a few glossy Monster Kolor silver weapon details that mimic the chrome bits on classic Japanese robot toys.

I have a couple left over after the show and am working on figuring out an online release, but if you’re interested in one right now, drop me a line through the Contact Me link on the side.




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PRHI Toys at Super Robots Giant Monster part 3- Whitewash Bounce Tortoise Minis   Leave a comment



These winter whitewash Bounce Tortoises made their debut at Super Robot Giant Monster.  I tried out a new technique on these, painting the brown and tan base colors with Monster Kolor, and then applying an acrylic whitewash over MIG Absolute Chipping, an incredible new product for doing chipped and weathered paint applications.  I’m pretty happy with how my first attempt came out, but I certainly have more to learn.  Some oil and enamel work, plus weathering pigments round out the package.

I have a couple left over after the show and am working on figuring out an online release, but if you’re interested in one right now, drop me a line through the Contact Me link on the side.


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