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Marmit Parababy Mogera with Missile Truck   Leave a comment

This was a commissioned pair of figures by a man after my own heart, a Mogera collector.  I wanted to contrast the alien war machine of Mogera with the grungy Ground Defense Force missile truck.

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Real X Head Zombie Akro-kaiser   Leave a comment

This bad boy is one of my contributions to the July Monster Invitational Show at FOE.  He’s dark and scary, and I went super technical on this one.  Everything is Monster Kolor except the shiny blood drip detail work.

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Super7 x Paul Kaiju Partyball ‘Khornate’   Leave a comment

Partyball is Paul Kaiju’s contribution to the Monster Family line, and a super fun little sculpt.  This custom will be at the  FOE Monster Invitational Show in July.  I continued my experimentation with mixed finishes and also tried something else in a fit of inspiration.  I had been looking at Warhammer 40k models and was inspired to try out some more technical airbrushing to do glowing engraved symbols. Read the rest of this entry »

M1GO ‘Real Type’ Vira Seijin   1 comment

Vira Seijin hails from Ultra Seven and is totally silly looking.  The sculpt screams ‘real plant’ to me, so I had at it on a flesh vinyl blank.  This guy will be at the FOE Monster Invitational Show in July.

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Gargamel Mighty Blue Mightin   Leave a comment

The Mightin sculpt is a fun little mini, and receptive to all kinds of fun colors.  This blue and green one will be at the FOE Monster Invitational Show on July 8.

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Max Toy Co ‘Real Type’ Tripus   Leave a comment

Because I’m feeling nice, I figured I’d give you guys a FOE Show teaser this week.  This guy will be a the  FOE Monster Invitational Show in July.  He’s a realistic take on the mini Tripus sculpt flesh blank.  I went for matte with shading on the squishy bits and shiny jade-pearl for the fish scales.

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Incubot ‘Khorne Infernal’ Nekosaurus   Leave a comment

This guy was the main event from the Khorne-inspired painting frenzy, and for my own collection.  I painted the inside with red pearl and then clear red, and painted the details from the outside.  The burning hot markings and leaking power were finished tinted white lines applied with a razor sharp brush.

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