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Dougram: Earth Federation Forces in the desert 1/144   1 comment

Fang of the Sun Dougram is one of my favorite mecha series, and the old toys are fantastic.  The 1/144 series manages to strike a great balance of diecast, solid construction, and sharp details into a small size that allows for army building and some nice Real Robot diorama action.  Here’s an Earth Federation patrol on maneuvers in the desert.

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Dougram Vintage Papercraft Soltic Roundfacer   2 comments

Just a little something goofy I put together tonight.  I’ve had scans of an old vintage Dougram paper model kit book forever, and I finally decided to print them out and put them together.  The first up was the Soltic Roundfacer.  It is rather primitive by today’s standards, but you have to give the designers credit for trying.  The other figures in the book are the Dougram, Blockhead, and Crab Gunner, and I will be trying them out soon.

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Toy Snaps   Leave a comment

Recently I have been getting back into the Takara ‘SF Land’ lines, Henshin Cyborg, Microman, Diaclone, and, the redheaded stepchild, Blockman.  I love the interconnectedness of the 5mm-compatible lines, and how they all exist as sort of different scales of the same world.  Henshin Cyborg is all about detailed character toys, Diaclone is about the interaction between little men and their massive transforming war machines, and Microman is sort of the happy medium.

What’s funny is that Blockman, a line of build-able simple robot figures that serve as both building block and robot toy, are secretly also in Diaclone scale.  The little chrome pilots that fit into Blockman cockpits are nothing more than non-posable Diaclone drivers.  Awesome.

I also got this fantastic resin figure from Sharkfist Design through the Kaiju for Japan sale.  This Nurikabe is a wall oni, stalwart stone defender.  It is also fantastically sculpted, painted, and features a glow in the dark scar.

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Mach Baron bootleg and Bullmark Villains   Leave a comment

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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Bullmarks!   Leave a comment

Just taking a couple of pics of two recent major Bullmark scores.
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Popy Chogokin GA-51 Gaking Repro Parts   5 comments

I finally completed a little project that has taken way too long. I got a set of resin wings and Counter Crosses for my play-worn GA-51 a while back. They fit and worked perfectly, but there were a couple air bubbles. I always told myself I’d refinish the parts, and then my Gaiking would be bumped up a notch.

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MFV Missiles Are Ready!   Leave a comment

Head to the Store because the MFV missiles are ready!  Complete those vintage classics and finally get to enjoy their best feature.  Every missile is marked for authenticity and indetifiability, and has been test loaded and fired in Getter-1 here.  Let me tell you, loading and firing twenty-odd missiles multiple times and at various things to test their loading and durability is pretty darn fun!

Prometheus Rising Studios Casting: Bandai MFV Missiles!   Leave a comment

There’s a new Page in the Menu bar at the top of the site, and I am proud to announce a new resin product that will soon be available, reproduction Bandai Missile Firing Vinyl missiles!  The Bandai MFVs are some of the most iconic vintage Super Robot vinyls, but missiles are in great demand (mostly because these were toys designed for children, and those children probably spent all their time shooting the missiles at their younger siblings and pets until they lost the missiles), but I am pleased to soon be able to offer an affordable reproduction missile!  Big thanks to my friend Sanjeev (mastermind behind Brownnoize Productions) for lending me some vintage missiles, no mean feat!  I am figuring out pricing and ordering, as well as working on some stock, so check back for details soon!

Real X Head Guiro Seijin Gatchigon   Leave a comment

Guiro Seijin is a very cool kaiju from Ultraman Leo, with a very distinctive painted toy:

I love the paint work and figure, but could never afford the vintage figure.  Somehow I thought the Real X Head Gatchigon sculpt kinda, sorta, maybe reminded me of the Guiro Seijin, so I decided to see how the Gatchigon would look in these colors… the end results came out really neat, even if I feel like I cannot have been the first person to think of this custom.  This guy was fun to paint; the loose spray vintage style was very different from the tight and detailed spray work I usually do.

Dougram!   Leave a comment

Just messing around with some new acquisitions… Takara’s 1/72 dual-model Dougram figures.  Die-cast skeletons with plastic armor parts and fantastic articulation and detail make for a win in my book.

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