Mach Baron bootleg and Bullmark Villains   Leave a comment

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

When I saw this bootleg vintage Mach Baron mini sofubi on YJA, I simply could not resist.  The sculpt is heinous, and this thing oozes sleaze and funk.  It stands around 5″ tall, with just a couple of paint apps.  The colors are a bit more faded in person.  The figure is pretty lightweight, but still made from thicker vinyl than some real vintage figures I have.

The whole thing is asymmetrical and off-kilter and looks like it was mastered in Play-dough, and I love it.  I’ll take some comparison pics with my legit Bullmark mini MB when I go home, but this guy has way more funk, and a little bit more soul.

Now, for some villains.

Totally Sweet Windmill Dude is short, stout, and chunky fun.  Pretty complex paint apps and masking for a throw-away mini.

I think this guy is actually a Red Baron villain, but he still fits.  The vinyl on this one is a little bit softer, and the paint apps are more minimalistic and loose.



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