Popy Chogokin GA-51 Gaking Repro Parts   5 comments

I finally completed a little project that has taken way too long. I got a set of resin wings and Counter Crosses for my play-worn GA-51 a while back. They fit and worked perfectly, but there were a couple air bubbles. I always told myself I’d refinish the parts, and then my Gaiking would be bumped up a notch.

Once I got to sanding and polishing smooth, I thought how cool it would be to use Monster Kolor to add a glossy pearl finish, similar to the metallic flake finish of the blue parts. Now, the weapons are the nicest looking part of my Gaiking. The shorn-off horn and chest chipping works for me somehow… Gaiking is so inherently badass that he doesn’t look like a dinged up old toy so much as he looks like a beatstick robot after taking a licking, but still in the game.

Posted March 24, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Chogokin, Mecha, Toy Restoration

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5 responses to “Popy Chogokin GA-51 Gaking Repro Parts

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  1. great job!
    got the same gaiking , i love it but i’m desperatly looking for wings and couter crosses 😦
    do you know where i could find it?


    • Thanks, Z. Unfortunately, the guy that did my recast parts no longer does them, so your best bet right now is to find originals on somewhere like ebay. There’s also a guy doing Shogun Warriors jumbo part reproductions on Facebook. Maybe you could contact him and see if he has any interest in doing smaller parts? Gaiking bits are one of those things people are always looking for…

  2. Thanks, i’ve just found the facebook page, i will contact him.


  3. Hello! I need that wing!!! Where did you get it?
    Thank you!

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