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Stealth Mutant Head   Leave a comment

Just a random shot.  I’m mostly a Chaos guy when it comes to Real X Head, but I really love this Mutant Head for some reason.  I don’t know if it’s the wonderful black vinyl or the luster of the metallic paints, but this guy just pops.

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Frankenruge Chaos Trooper   1 comment

When I met with Matt Doughty of Onell Designs a few weeks ago, he presented me with a small gift.  Matt had for me an extra Mutant Chaos head and probe arm from the making of the recent Glyos System Chaos Custom Corps wave.  These parts had air bubbles and imperfections and were not fit for proper release under Matt’s stringent quality control guidelines, but Matt knew that I could clean them up and would put them to good use.  I got to assemble a body for the parts from The Junkpile, and then sat down to plan a paint scheme.  I knew I wanted to use the colors of a Mutant Chaos release, and I ended on the Frankenruge tribute scheme, one of my favorite figures, which I used for my Chaos Family review on CollectionDX:

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New Things- Pheyaos Man!   Leave a comment

I had the wonderful privilege of getting to see the place where Matt Doughty works his magic at his house, Glyos HQ.  He had plenty of cool thing to show me, and wouldn’t let me leave without a few cool things for upcoming projects (and a hint of things to come).  Front and center was my getting to see the entire box full of the first Onell release of the Pheyaos Man, and getting to pick mine up early.  I know people have been just going mad waiting for this release after seeing the sculpt used in a few Japanese releases so far, and I can say with complete certainty that it is worth the wait.  The only disappointed people are going to be the ones who cannot grab one, but I have been assured that more are forthcoming and Matt is going to do everything he can to make people happy.  The Pheyaos head sculpt perfectly blends RxH’s Mutant Chaos with Glyos’s Pheyden, as Chaos absorbs some of Pheyden’s power and essence.  Anyone who’s seen my previous posts will know that I love the Adult Chaos body, and with the amazing paint work by Goto-san, the whole figure comes together under the head sculpt beyond all expectations.  I’ll be reviewing the Pheyaos vinyls, and plan on having the Pheyaos Man review up on the night of the release.

There’s also a pair of teasers here for upcoming customs.  One is a Mutant Evil custom I am almost done with, just need to finish some small details.  The other is a custom Chaos Glyos figure I got to assemble at Glyos HQ, with resin Chaos arm and head that were flawed and unusable from the recent Custom Corps.  I am planning on painting this guy similar to the Pheyaos Man with some fading between a Chaos figure of mine (not sure which yet) and a recognizable Glyos figure scheme.

I also recently published a review of the 3A Toys WWRP Bramble over on CollectionDX:

UPDATE: I just published my Pheyaos Man review for CDX:

If you’re into Glyos, don’t sleep on this release.

I am going to be covering all of the 3A Toys I receive for CollectionDX as I get them, next up will be the Portable Berties, hopefully going up before they are all sold out from retailers, so people can actually read a review when looking at buying them.

Max Toy Co & Dream Rockets GID Neo Eyezon and Shelves   Leave a comment

Grail time here… I got back to school yesterday, and today went to the mail room to track down an elusive score.  Conspicuously absent from my Neo Eyezon shoot was this Tokyo Magazine exclusive release via Dream Rockets.  This guy has an orange rub and green sprayed accents on GID vinyl, and was actually the first production GID release, which snuck under most people’s radars.  The rub work admittedly is not amazing on this figure when compared to some of the Ream X Head, but the colors are great.

I also snapped a couple shots of the eclectic mix of vinyls that made it to school with me… there’s a few other toys here as well, but there’ll be time for that later.

EDIT:  Added at the end is a shot of the three newest Neo Eyezons I received in the mail today.  The two two-tone figures are the latest release in Japan, and the red with silver and green spray figure is actually one of two Christmas-themed figures painted by the legendary Goto-san himself.  I hadn’t seen the Christmas one before, and was thrilled when I opened the box.  I’m also looking forward to adding the Kikaida colored figure to my slowly growing Kikaida tribute color group.

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Real X Head Guiro Seijin Gatchigon   Leave a comment

Guiro Seijin is a very cool kaiju from Ultraman Leo, with a very distinctive painted toy:

I love the paint work and figure, but could never afford the vintage figure.  Somehow I thought the Real X Head Gatchigon sculpt kinda, sorta, maybe reminded me of the Guiro Seijin, so I decided to see how the Gatchigon would look in these colors… the end results came out really neat, even if I feel like I cannot have been the first person to think of this custom.  This guy was fun to paint; the loose spray vintage style was very different from the tight and detailed spray work I usually do.

November Toy Haul   1 comment

Snapped some pics of my November haul, and was messing around with the figures that came back to school with me after Thanksgiving.

Elegab Puppet Seijin, Designer Con Evil Bat, GID unpainted Chaos Beast, Unpainted black proto Steven the Bat, Ikarawa Bullmark Legends Gabora, Real x Head mini GID Gatchigon, and “Halloween” Neo Eyezon painted by Mark Nagata on GID vinyl.  Also, a pic of my new M1GO pink unpainted Greenmons keeping me company while I slog through a Bio Lab report.

Collection Update   Leave a comment

Vinyl figures conquer the shelves!  Phil Reed’s (from gonna hate this update… he’s currently trying to keep himself from falling off the vinyl cliff, and here I am pushing just about every robot toy I own out of the way for more vinyl!  I’ve got standard-sized Kaiju up the wazoo… I’ve got a separate space for unpainted M1 Kaiju, sort of as holding area for them, and then a Max Toy Co shelf, with more Neo Eyezons on the way, and an ‘everything else’ standard-sized shelf.  On the bottom is the Real X Head shelf… I’ve been having alot of fun seeing all the different colorways out there… especially in the Chaos family.  Of note are the two Mark Nagata handpaints, Toybot Studios Rock and Roll Kemur Seijin, the SDCC Goto-san painted Drazoran, M1 Lucky Bag Red Ultraman, and the awesome Superfest Kikaida paint-scheme Chaos Adult.

Edit: threw a fight pic on the end.

October Shelves/Haul   2 comments

An update on the toys that were waiting for me at the end of this college term… some updated proper shelf shots are in order of my now awesome vinyl collection.  Kaiju have muscled Gokin and Transformers out of the way to take over!  Lots of M1 Lucky Bag blanks, a ton of RealXHead, including the first Gatchigon (Smokey clear with GID vinyl shards and green baby), and two non-vinyl victories, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Megazord and Thunderzord, two of my favorite toys! Also note the Marka Nagata handpainted Captain Maxx, as well as my Toy Karma 2 Mark Nagata Neo Eyezon and Toybot Studios Rockin Kemur Seijin show pieces.  Transformers-wise, I managed to score another grail piece, Micromaster Sonic, partner to Sonic Bomber, the missing piece of my Zone Powered Masters trio!

Real Head Chaos   Leave a comment

Just a quick snap tonight while I was playing with the Real head figures I’ve accumulated while at school… I am apparently a bigger Chaos fan than I realized!

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Real x Head Panzer Bigaos   Leave a comment

The Bigaos is a rarely-seen combination of the Chaos body and Bigaro head, created by Akro-kaiser and the evil Mutants.  I always liked the heavily-armored looking Bigaos combination, and made my own from beige flesh blanks.  I wanted to emphasize the heavy-duty feel I get from the figure, so I painted it closer to a war-machine than a living mutant, with camouflage and weathering.  This also gave me a light-weight opportunity to try free-handing camo on a figure before crossing that over to tank painting, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

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