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The new Chaos Trooper sculpt from Real X Head blends design elements from the vinyl Adult Chaosman with Onell’s Glyos sculpts, in particular from the Chaos Invasion Custom Corps wave.  The debut release of the new Trooper was on flesh vinyl, and I managed to pick up two so that I could get a Frankenruge version painted up to match my Glyos Frankenruge Trooper.




Painting Frank colors on a Chaos are nothing new, but I made sure to keep the color placement tight, as opposed to the usual lose sprays on Frankenruge-style figures.  All those sharp armor panels were begging for precise color work.

The white color is a light mix over the flesh, since I wanted to preserve the base color of the vinyl somewhere on the figure.  I then hit it with some Moondust, and love how it turned out.  Each color received localized pearls, to give everything its own ‘pop’.

The last touch was to throw some weathering on the boots to tie it back to my Glyos custom.



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