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Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran- UPDATED   1 comment


I have been having a blast getting to know the Monster Kolor paint system since this summer, experimenting with all sorts of crazy finishes and pearl effects, but I have been itching to get back to matte finishes and more ‘model’ sprays.  I went for a vintage feel on this guy with flat colors and silver, but couldn’t help but use a metallic color on the spines.  With a matte finish, the pearls give off this neat iridescence that I was really happy with on the Argus, without being overwhelming.

NOW with better photos.

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Max Toy Minis Custom Set   2 comments


With the completion of the Eyezon, I have assembled a full set (plus a duplicate) of Monster Kolor painted Max Toy minis.  The Eyezon, metallic Xam, Tripus, Drazoran, and Eyezon are by me, the pink Xam is by Nagata, and the Maxx is by DP.  Now I need to get one of every sculpt hand-painted by a different artist 😉  I have a flat-color Drazoran painted by Gatchabert, so that’s three sculpts down…

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Max Toy Co Hawaii Mini Eyezon   1 comment

I tried to really push my colors and sprays with this little guy. A trick that I’ve learned I can use is to bring up my highlights in white and then use a light squirt of clear colors to restore any fading. I used that on the body to re-saturate some of the colors that I thought were looking a little too light.
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Prometheum5 x Max Toy Co Neo Hawaii Eyezon (Sold Out)   Leave a comment

Good news!

The Neo Eyezon Hawaii two-pack I painted with Mark Nagata using the Monster Kolor Hawaii set just went up for sale to the Max Toy Co Club members.  I am really excited to see this project completed, and had a great time with it. Working with someone I respect and look up to was a blast, and I think both figures in the set came out really fantastic, and complement each other very well!

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Minis!   Leave a comment

Mini vinyls are awesome.  That is all.

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Neo Eyezon Mark Nagata X Prometheum5 Collab!   1 comment

Hi all,

Mark posted a photo, on the Max Toy Co site so I guess I can now, too.  Over the summer, Mark asked me if I was interested in doing a run of Neo Eyezons, to which I could not have said ‘yes’ more excitedly!  More details are forthcoming, but I painted my figures a couple weeks back and shipped them to Mark.  They will be sold as a two-pack with a Neo Eyezon by Mark, and that’s all I can say for now.  Here’s a couple photos of the beasts, though.  This project got to act as sort of the debut for Monster Kolor’s Hawaii Kolor set, which comes with trial-size bottles of great colors and a toy for $40, and is the perfect kit for anyone who’s been thinking about trying to paint toys, or airbrush in general!  I based the colors for my Neo Eyezons on the Bullmark Hawaii King Ghidorah, since I love green!  😀  Here’s a couple shots before they shipped off to Mark.

While I was painting these guys, I also whipped up this little guy using the colors for myself, since all the Eyezons went off in a box to Mark:


New Toys!   Leave a comment

Got some new toys with some unbelievable paint.

Max Toy Co mini Xam painted by Mark Nagata.

Accompanied by an unpainted white mini Maxx that is just gorgeous!

I also purchased this mind-blowing Toygraph Death Climax UFO Monster Gunhead in yummy flesh vinyl painted by the master, Dead Presidents.  Walker pulled out all the stops, and his crazy colors and Monster Kolor paint really shine on this massive beast.

The Guhead is supposed to terrorize Toygraph’s Space Troopers, but Dead Presidents’s new Cosmic Squadron troopers do everything the Space Troopers set out to do better, bigger, and much prettier.

No-mad escapes from the beast’s clutches, lines up the shot his life depends on, and holds his breath!

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