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Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries is a nice line of original 3D printed mecha action figures.  Inspired by Takara’s SF Land toys, Maschinen Krieger, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, and Special Armored Battalion Dorvack, PRHI features a variety of designed produced in multiple scales.  Check out a sampling of the designs below and be on the lookout for new toys debuting soon!

Bounce Tortoise

The Bounce Tortoise is first toy designed for Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries and the line’s de facto mascot.  The Bounce Tortoise is a rugged all-purpose power armor designed for front-line combat.  Tortoise variations equip the platform for long range reconnaissance, indirect fire support, and a variety of other roles.  Bounce Tortoise toys have been available in 1/12 scale and 1/24 scale so far and are currently undergoing revision to make manufacturer easier and quicker.



PBT-002 Bounce Tortoise 1/12 Scale (Ostrich)



PST-001 Striking Tortoise with Dual Saber Missile Pods 1/12 Scale (Steeltoe Division)


PBT-002 Bounce Tortoise 1/24 Scale (Camo)

Allaround Power Suit

The Allaround is an all-purpose power suit designed to fit in alongside Microman and GI Joe-scaled vehicles and figures.  This simple suit protects the user and provides increased strength and maneuverability while allowing the user to wield a variety of heavy weaponry.



Allaround “Buffalo Squad” and prototypes 

Blockman Micro-scale

Union Fighter Blockman was a short-lived Takara line spun out of Diaclone and Microman.  The Blockmen were 2″ tall diecast metal and plastic figures with limited articulation and numerous 5 mm ports, allowing them to wield a number of accessories and be used as a building toy to create larger vehicles and mecha.  The Blockmen are beautiful designs in their own right, so I wanted to see how they would translate to a Microman-scale (1/18 scale) giant robot toy.  The PRHI Blockmen stand around 9″ and are fully posable, with a number of accessories in development.


Union Fighter Blockman CD-1-L 1/18 Micro-scale

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