Allaround “Buffalo Squad” for “My Friend the Micronaut 2013”, opening August 1st   Leave a comment


“My Friend the Micronaut” is a yearly show at Grass Hut Art Market where artists from around the world display Microman/Micronaut-themed work.  The show is the brainchild of Grasshut front man Bwana Spoons, who has done many Micro-themed pieces over the years.  This year, I was asked to participate by show co-host Microbry, and I jumped at the opportunity.  The Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Allaround power suits are 1/18 scale, designed to look at home next to Micromen and their many robotic allies.  The “Buffalo Squad” being deployed at Micronaut 2013 is the Allaround’s first release, done up in a Diaclone inspired scheme and given a proper PRS weathering treatment.  These are also the first painted PRHI 3d printed figures to receive the acetone treatment, and I could not be happier with the results.  Micronaut 2013 opens on August 1st, and hopefully there will be some good coverage!  There are five Allaround figures, including a commander with the mag-rifle, being released at the show, and any figures not sold in person will go up on Grasshut’s online store.


I’ll be sure to put up a link to the show when it goes live.  Microbry has set up a Tumblr page with details on the participating artists, and the lineup is great.  Pay special attention to Brownnoize Productions.  I’ve seen some of the 3D printed mecha goodness that Sanjeev is sending to the show and it is not to be missed.  Also at the show will be the first completed test figure of the next Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries toy, which should blow up more than a few skirts when the photos start rolling in 😉

More pics after the jump!









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