PST-001 Striking Tortoise with Dual Saber Missile Pods 1/12 Scale (Steeltoe Division)   3 comments



When I redesigned the Bounce Tortoise, I made the leg bosters and backpack separate parts, allowing me to design other loadout modules for different Tortoise variants.  After doing the highly mobile Bounce Tortoise, I knew I wanted to do something heavier.  The Striking Tortoise was designed around a shoulder weapon mount backpack and shock-absorbing outriggers for the legs.  The first heavy weapon I designed was the Saber Missile Pod.  I have plenty of ideas for other artillery type weapons and a couple crazy things, but the clean geometry of a missile pod seemed like a great place to start.  I kept the colors simple on this guy to keep the focus on the new accessories, but I could see some variation of these colors becoming a production scheme down the line.










Striking-Tortoise-01-10\ Striking-Tortoise-01-11







3 responses to “PST-001 Striking Tortoise with Dual Saber Missile Pods 1/12 Scale (Steeltoe Division)

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  2. I’m loving the work you are doing. The only thing I wonder about is the “head shields” . I think having struts supporting the glass like a jet canopy might look cool. Please don’t think I am trying to troll you because I am not you have done an awesome job making these models.

    • Hi Doug,

      Not a troll comment at all! I have actually thought about making a canopy with a frame. The reason I did not do it for the Bounce Tortoise was because I wanted to be able to sand the head bubble smooth for painting all shiny like. If I had a frame on there, it would be much harder to get the sandpaper in there for that smooth finish. I have some stuff I’m tinkering with that might change that, but we’ll see how that goes 🙂

      Thanks for looking and for the feedback!

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