E.killer Rollout Wave is Ready to go!   3 comments

After weeks of delay due to lost internet, my work schedule, and this awful heat, I am pleased to announce that the debut wave of Killer Culture E.killers is ready to go!

Each E.killer is painted using Monster Kolor paints, and feature multiple colors, pearls, and color change flakes, all with a MK Ultra-High Gloss coat, for maximum shine and protection.  The bugs look wet and iridescent, like living cells!

Now, on to the gory details:

Each E.killer is cast in urethane resin, made from three parts, and features one point of articulation at the tentacle ‘shoulder’.

The Rollout wave of 5 figures will go up for sale at 8:00PM EST Saturday, July 31.  I want to give everyone a chance to catch their breath after SDCC, and let the pics get around.  They will be $35 plus actual shipping (probably USPS flat rate boxes) and come with a bag and header card.  Ordering instructions will go up when they go on sale, but it’ll be an email affair, pay by PayPal, and first-come first-serve.

Can your toy collection withstand the E.killer onslaught??


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3 responses to “E.killer Rollout Wave is Ready to go!

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  2. Hey Ben, just wanted to drop you a little note that I took the liberty of featuring these adorable little monsters on my “Reduced Figuration” blog. ^_^

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