PRHI Glyos ‘Real Type’ Customs on Monster Kolor   Leave a comment

2014-05-26 23.55.28

More good news!  The unofficial Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Glyos ‘Real Type’ release is now up on the Monster Kolor web shop.  This is a project long in the making.  Some of these customs were started a few years ago, but I finally had some time recently to sit down and finish them (and more!)  There are fourteen customs in a variety of builds and themes, from a couple simple Travellers to heavily customized builds.  Everything is painted with Monster Kolor paints, with acrylics, oils, and pigments for the heavy weathering they all received.  A couple feature rare production Glyos heads spruced up, and one even has the last of my Brownnoize Productions metal cast Phanost heads.  Each one of these is fully finished and weathered, and thanks to the MK paint they are totally durable and playable.  Head on over to the PRHI category on the MK web shop to buy them now, or look below for individual links to each figure.


Warp Interloper Armorvor (comes with both heads)


Wasp Phanost (features temperature-sensitive color change Phase Armor)


Armored Phanost Veteran


Dome Veteran


Robo Sarvos


Red Scar Pheyden


Guiro Armodoc


Grey Phanost


Gendrone Revolution Veteran


Desert Sarvos


Ceekoar Pheyden Ranger


Ceekoar Pheyden Renegade (comes with both hands and Phase Arm)


Ceekoar Exelis with Heavy Turret


Phanost Bounty Hunter (with metal head)

You can also check out more pics of each custom below.

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