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Impelaizer is a mean alien warmachine that shows up in Ultraman Mebius and wrecks house.  It features three devastating beam weapons and the ability to regenerate damage.  Impelaizer shows up in the middle of the city and puts the hurt on Ultraman Mebius.  I won’t spoil the whole episode, but a surprise guest star has to show up and help save the day.  This figure comes from Banpresto as a crane game prize, and is awesome.

I painted this guy with MK metallics from Smoke Metallic up through Silver.  Details were highlighted with clear colors, and then some energy effects from the weapons charging were added in.  The figure was sealed with gloss, and then I did the green energy details with acrylics.  The weathering was done with acrylics as well, and meant to mimic the colors of stomping through a few buildings and then getting muddy from broken water-mains and pavement.


Ultra punch!

Ultra kick!



Posted June 12, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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