Chilled Garamon for Gamaniacal at FOE   1 comment

FOE Gallery is hosting an awesome themed show in February.  Mike Nordstrom is undoubtedly the world’s leading Garamon expert and aficionado, and has curated a show that is going to knock socks off.  I was thrilled to get asked to participate alongside guys like Mark Nagata, Bob Conge, and Koji Harmon.  I went for a realistic finish rather than Monster Kolor craziness, going full ‘model kit’ style on this super detailed sculpt.  Show opens February 10th in Northampton!

Chilly Garamon is painted with Monster Kolor and acrylics, sealed for protection, and given a velvety smooth matte finish.  I use airbrush work, washes, drybrushing, and filters to add depth and variation to the details and am super stoked with how it came out.  He’s articulated at the hips, tail, arms, and head, with a ball-jointed neck!  It’s a very expressive sculpt that captures the grossness and doofyness of Garamon perfectly.


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