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Kaiju Kaos Monster Diorama Kompleted!   1 comment

Kaiju Kaos is a new 28mm miniature game by Bryan K. Borgman of Bailey Records.  A number of smaller pewter and larger resin monster figures are available, but the game is also designed to allow kaiju collectors to use their own figures in the game.  The Kaos Monster here is the flagship monster release so far, and Bryan contacted me to have me paint one.  He wanted a crazy Monster Kolor sprayed figure to show off some of the crossover potential between kaiju stylings and his tabletop wargame.  Tons more photos of the completed scene after the break!

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In Living Kolor Boston!   Leave a comment

In Living Kolor Boston was this weekend and it was a blast!  Seven hours of driving both ways to Lot F Gallery, an awesome gallery space tucked away right in Boston, were well worth it.  A ton of people showed up for both the live painting and the gallery opening, and a ton of toys got painted.  Max Toy Co, Onell, and resin artist Dustin Nakagawa all provided a pile of blanks for painting.  It was great to see old friends, make new ones, and see people who had never painted before try out Monster Kolor spraycans and airbrushing.  I painted the mini Eyezon above, on clear green vinyl with sparkles…


…this mini Argus on red vinyl.  I slathered it with pink peal, and then tried out the MK rattle can matte finish, which gave it a great finish.

I also picked up this awesome little resin by Dustin Nakagawa, named Gamusa.  He’s clearly inspired by Zollmen’s Zudon, but has some differences that make him stand out, and is a perfectly sized and shaped little resin buddy.  I also worked on a blank Gamusa that I will post up when I finish.

Another shot of Gamusa.  The loose sprays work really well on the rough sculpt, and manage to highlight the details really well.  I should also mention that this guy has a great heft to him, and seems to be cast from a really nice resin.



Cris Rose Bits and Bytes DIY Painted by PRS! (Mega post)   Leave a comment

Cris Rose is a UK-based artist that is into analog photography and robots.  His resin robots are functional, yet cute.  There are back stories to all of his designs.  Cris imagines a world where robots are ubiquitous servants, everywhere from industrial labor to childcare.  I had a great time painting up a pack of his recent Bits and Bytes mini-sized (1/24 scale) DIY ‘bots, each with their own background.  Keep in mind each of these minis is around an inch tall, and check after the fold for pics of each!

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Killer Culture Safrinin Microfighter   Leave a comment

This guy snuck out alongside the weathered edition for the TAG Battle Pack.

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Killer Culture Microcultures debuting at FOE!   1 comment

Debuting at the FOE Monster Invitational is the newest Killer Culture release!  As fast as the  Joint Killer Culture Defense Force (JKCDF) can develop new weapons to combat the Killer Culture, new threats seem to emerge.  These new Microcultures are just as fearsome and dangerous as their larger kin, but capable of swarming en masse!

As part of the Monster Invitational Show, Jim (FOE’s esteemed owner) was looking for smaller goodies from the contributors that could be up at the counter looking pretty.  I’ve had some of these Micros sculpted for a while now, so the opportunity seemed perfect to get a couple more done and get a new mold made!  I got some nice feedback on the prototype Micro featured in the TAG Battle Pack, so it seemed like good timing to get cranking on more.  These guys will be available individually for just $5 exclusively at FOE, show opening July 8th.  For $5 you get a one-inch resin booger sprayed with pretty Monster Kolor.  As an added bonus and some play value, each Micro also features a small rare-earth magnet in the base, so you can stick them to your fridge, desk, pet robot, or wherever!

With Wraith Pheyden for scale.  Lots more pics after the jump!

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Motorbot Clears and Pearls   Leave a comment

Just messing around with some figs that came last week.  Motorbot has really upped his game with two new sculpts and a metric ton of unpainted clear and pearly figures.  The colors and finish on these are incredible, and there’s still more for you to pick up in his store!

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Killer Culture Battle Pack for Open Call Resin Show at TAG- Available Now   1 comment

This set was made for an Open Call Judged Resin show at Toy Art Gallery, opening this Friday, June 10.  The set features a prototype-colored ‘X-gal’ E. killer, a weathered, down and dirty Safrinin Microfighter, and a bonus S. muderious magnetic mini macro-culture.

The Microfighter set is now available at TAG.  Just look at my pics of the toys, not there;s.

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Halfbad Skekiltor   1 comment

I decided to throw a little paint on my FOE ‘cherry’ edition Skekiltor.  Nothing crazy, just enough to kit the details and still utilize that clear red and glitter-filled goodness.

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Toy Snaps   Leave a comment

Recently I have been getting back into the Takara ‘SF Land’ lines, Henshin Cyborg, Microman, Diaclone, and, the redheaded stepchild, Blockman.  I love the interconnectedness of the 5mm-compatible lines, and how they all exist as sort of different scales of the same world.  Henshin Cyborg is all about detailed character toys, Diaclone is about the interaction between little men and their massive transforming war machines, and Microman is sort of the happy medium.

What’s funny is that Blockman, a line of build-able simple robot figures that serve as both building block and robot toy, are secretly also in Diaclone scale.  The little chrome pilots that fit into Blockman cockpits are nothing more than non-posable Diaclone drivers.  Awesome.

I also got this fantastic resin figure from Sharkfist Design through the Kaiju for Japan sale.  This Nurikabe is a wall oni, stalwart stone defender.  It is also fantastically sculpted, painted, and features a glow in the dark scar.

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Killer Culture Antimacrobial Microfighter Real Type   1 comment

As far as I’m concerned, it should be illegal to make a robot toy and not paint at least one in army colors.  Thus, the Real Type.

This is the last reveal for the release tomorrow night.  Just to reiterate:

Figures go up at 9PM EST Saturday, April 30 on the PRS Store site.  The Rollout and Task Force G figures will be $25 each plus shipping, and the three one-offs will be $30 each plus shipping.  See you all there!

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