Kaiju Kaos Monster Diorama Kompleted!   1 comment

Kaiju Kaos is a new 28mm miniature game by Bryan K. Borgman of Bailey Records.  A number of smaller pewter and larger resin monster figures are available, but the game is also designed to allow kaiju collectors to use their own figures in the game.  The Kaos Monster here is the flagship monster release so far, and Bryan contacted me to have me paint one.  He wanted a crazy Monster Kolor sprayed figure to show off some of the crossover potential between kaiju stylings and his tabletop wargame.  Tons more photos of the completed scene after the break!

The Kaos Monster figure is cast in grey resin (grey resin is always better than tan or white) and made from seven parts: the base and feet, two legs, two arms, and two parts for the head/body.  The scenic base has a 10″ diameter, and the troopers on the base are 28mm, so you can get an idea of how huge this model is.  For a measly $50, you can pick up a kit from Acheson Creations.  PDF rules for the Monster and the rest of Kaiju Kaos can be obtained at Wargame Vault.

There is a lot of interesting and varied detail scattered around the huge model, and it took my wildly-colored sprays like a champ.  The Kaos Monster is the result of some terrible experimentation, and it looks like it is barely maintaining its form as it attacks.  The combination of harder looking armor parts and soft, squishy bits made for the perfect canvas to mate some pearly Monster Kolor goodness with a more traditional miniature painting approach.

The almost certainly doomed troopers are Union Troopers from the long out of print Vor.  Kaiju Kaos actually makes a modular metal soldier mini that looks pretty good, but I have a big stash of Union guys to dip into.  They are pinned to the base but not glued.

I knew I needed at least one human-sized figure on the base to show the immense scale of the Kaos Monster, and these guys worked perfectly.

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