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Elegab Tonneran (red spray)!   Leave a comment

Got a package today with a truly magnificent new figure in it.  Elegab’s latest, the tunnel monster Tonneran is a segment of earth that has come to life, uprooted itself from the ground, and looks angry!  The little details really make this figure, like the tree texture on the back, the damage to the streetlight panel, the water drainage pipe arm, and the fully painted little cars trapped on the road.

Posted March 24, 2010 by Prometheum5 in Vinyl

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November Toy Haul   1 comment

Snapped some pics of my November haul, and was messing around with the figures that came back to school with me after Thanksgiving.

Elegab Puppet Seijin, Designer Con Evil Bat, GID unpainted Chaos Beast, Unpainted black proto Steven the Bat, Ikarawa Bullmark Legends Gabora, Real x Head mini GID Gatchigon, and “Halloween” Neo Eyezon painted by Mark Nagata on GID vinyl.  Also, a pic of my new M1GO pink unpainted Greenmons keeping me company while I slog through a Bio Lab report.

Elegab GID Day-Glo Shuttlegon   1 comment

Elegab is the work of a single man in Japan, and is cranking out some of the most original vinyl kaiju available right now.  All of Elegab’s stuff has a rougher hand-made feel, and the figures never sacrifice on the fun factor.  The Shuttlegon here is a towering monster held into some kind of containment suit with a jetpack and mechanical wrench-arm that can grab and hold mini figures!  This custom is painted on the Glow In the Dark blank that was released a few months ago… I also have a blank Monster Patrol Car (another amazing toy) to paint up some day.  I wanted to try using more colors than I usually do, and used a shiny finish instead of my usual matte.  The metallic bits are all Future shiny and look like candy, and all of the organic bits were hit with a 50/50 Future and Vallejo Satin mix.  The eyes were painted to match the production Elegab pieces with a thick and rough white and black combo.  The horns and claws and teeth are all the base GID vinyl, and the whole figure still glows really well through the paint.  Glow shots to come tonight.

Posted November 23, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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