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My first Real X Head custom!  RxH is one of the premier Japanese designer vinyl companies, made from the ground up by Mori, the owner and creative genius behind the designs.  I like the sculpts of the RxH figures alot, but there are so many colorways to chose from at this point that I’ve only picked up a few production pieces.  To get most of the sculpts, I instead opted to snag an entire peach flesh set to do with as I pleased, including a couple extra of the Bigaro sculpt, seen here, to practice on.

This figure is designed as a tribute to Tetsujin-28, known in the US as Gigantor, one of the original animated giant robots from way back in the late 1960’s.  I love the classic muted blue of Gigantor, with its small splashes of color for trim.  The yellow 28s on the arms are a nod to the later redesigned T-28, which had big yellow stenciled 28s on its forearms.  I had originally airbrushed the eye, but my aim is not true enough yet, and my yellow paint was not the best mix, so I colored back over all of that and hand painted the eye area.  Big thanks to my friend Sanjeev for his tip on how to ‘fake’ metallic colors with a thin silver coat over all the non-metallic colors!  I had drawn up the ideas for this guy, and managed to paint the entire figure from start to finish in an evening.  It still amazes me how much I can get done now with the airbrush!  The ‘cape’ is painted to look like T-28’s  distinctive jet-pack flame.  When I was taking the photos, something dawned on me as well: the gold-mist Bigaro makes a perfect Black Ox stand-in!  Watch as Bigantor copies some moves he saw in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

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