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Shelves   2 comments

My current shelf setup… a combination of real robots in scale and the vintage super robots I’ve been accumulating lately, along with some vinyls and vintage Transformers.

Macross Destroid Tomahawk 1/72   5 comments

The Tomahawk is one of the non-variable Destroid mecha from the original Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross.  The Destroids are the second-string machines in the show after the variable VF-1 Valkyries, and are often shown on defense and meat-shield duties (or so it seems)!

This is a 1/72 scale garage kit of the Tomahawk.  Out of the box this kit was meant to be static once assembled, but I did some hacking and slashing and gnashing of teeth and made it articulated with polycap and ball-type joint option sets and leftovers from Gundam models.  The designer of the kit was astonished at how far I took his creation.

I finished the Tomahawk more recently than the Gundam MkII, after spending some time doing historical models (pics to follow)!  I spend a great deal of effort trying to translate techniques from armor modeling to sci-fi and mecha, and this is one of my earlier successes.  Paints are mainly Tamiya acrylics, with oil work and pigments added for effect.  The WIP shots show some of what I did to improve the kit, and the little tank in some of the finished shots is an in-scale Tiger I.

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