PNT-001 Nimble Tortoise minifigure 23 late winter   Leave a comment

nimble-tortoise-prhi-10The PNT-001 Nimble Tortoise is a recon variant based on the Light Tortoise chassis.  The jump jet systems have been stripped out, leaving the Light Tortoise a lean and quick ground-based unit.  The Nimble Tortoise serves as a recon unit with advanced communications and sensor suites.  Armed with dual arm-mounted solid slug rail rifles and a shoulder-mounted beam cannon, the Nimble Tortoise can also serve in a light sniper capacity.  This Tortoise was spotted in early spring, still sporting a winterized color scheme that has been heavily stained and weathered by the muddy thaw.


The Nimble Tortoise was a bit of an experiment to see how delicate of detail I could cram into a four inch mini scale figure.  The manipulator hands and antenna are all a bit fragile, but printed nicer than I was expecting at this size.  In DX scale they will be solid and nicely detailed, but in mini scale I think they are about as fine of detail as I can reasonably get out of my current printers.  The new arms came out of my desire to move away from the primitive cylindrical shapes of the original Bounce Tortoise’s limbs, and will probably be transferred over to the Bounce Tortoise in the near future.  As an added bonus, the new upper arms give me enough room to add much better elbows to the Tortoise variants in DX scale.












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