PST-002 Stalking Toad minifigure GG-3   Leave a comment


The PST-002 Stalking Toad is a heavy ground combat power suit intended for frontline duty.  The Stalking Toad balances armor and mobility, capable of bringing concentrated fire down on enemy armored targets.  The default Toad load out features a heavy laser and rapid fire gattling canon with built in manipulator hand for added versatility in its roll as a ground superiority unit.  Smoke grenade racks on the torso provide extra cover, earning the standard Toad its ‘Stalking’ moniker for its ability to disappear under smoke cover and reappear with a punishing barrage.

stalking-toad-prhi-01The mini sized Stalking Toad stands around four inches tall and features five points of articulation.  The entire figure is printed in ABS plastic on my UP Mini printer.  The surface texture was cleaned up using an acetone vapor bath.  Some of the detail is a bit softer than I would like, but I am still dialing in the acetone process.  GG-3 was painted with Monster Kolor, acrylics, oils, and weathering pigments.











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